A Brief Message About Bristol Palin

Mon, September 1, 2008


Dear MSM,

Leave Bristol Palin alone. She’s not running for anything and she’s only 17 years old.

Sincerely yours,

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22 Responses to “A Brief Message About Bristol Palin”

  1. Cynthia Samuels Says:

    PS I cosign.

  2. Jessica Gottlieb Says:

    What is MSM?

    I agree and would add a scolding for mom… how dare she thrust her children out there in that manner.

  3. Donna Says:

    Me too. My beef is related to the election. Bristol’s affairs are a private matter.

  4. PunditMom Says:

    I wonder of “thrust” is the right word? I have been wondering about this, but I am assuming there were discussion with Bristol about the attention vs. what her mom might accomplish in a McCain administration.

    Or is she even too young to make that decision??

  5. Jessica Gottlieb Says:

    She’s a child, her mother is a monumental failure for not shielding her from the press.

    Has SP not been out looking for her own pleasure/fulfillment/ego gratification, her daughter would have a private life and the opportunity to have the baby adopted out (maybe even to mom) and the chance at a typical life and marriage.

    It’s all so selfish and reprehensible it confirms for me that our next president should be drafted.

  6. Mike Licht Says:

    The pregnancy of Sarah Palin’s unwed daughter is not off-limits in discussions of Governor Palin’s fitness to become the Vice President of the United States.

    Why? Because your pregnancy is not off-limits to Sarah Palin, even if you are the victim of rape or incest.

  7. Christine Says:

    I agree with you 100% PunditMom!

    As for the thrusting her child into the limelight… I read that her oldest son talked her out of running for governor several years ago. So I’m sure they discussed how the VP pick would affect all of the children as well as their parents.

    Jessica, why are you being so harsh on Sarah Palin, when it’s the Media that is doing this to Bristol Palin, not her mother! Why is it anyone’s business what happens to her children? Aren’t Dems the ones who say a woman should have a choice? Or is that only for women who agree with you?

    You all should listen to your candidate. Even Obama said that the children and family are off limits, and have nothing to do with the issues of the election! At least HE’s being sensible!

  8. Karen Says:

    Listen–Here’s how I see it–Palin’s daughter is one thing. She deserves whatever modicum of normalcy she can get. However, Palin’s choices as a parent and as a potential VP can be up for discussion, and, given her evangelical background and stances on birth control and abortion, the pregnancy of her daughter and the choices Sarah Palin has made around it are relevant and should be open to discussion.

    Does anyone believe McCain when he said he knew this at the outset??

  9. Karen Says:

    I’m not sure the foregoing was coherent–sorry. It’s late and I’m tired. Hopefully, you get the gist.

  10. Judy Says:

    I second what Mike Licht said…

  11. impromptublogger Says:

    I don’t believe poor Bristol deserves any of this. However, her mother believes only in abstinence before marriage “sex education”.

    How’d that work out for their family?????

    That is my big problem with the whole “affair”.

  12. Sharon Says:

    I agree that Bristol and her decisions are off limits.
    Unfortunately, her mother Sarah put this issue on the national stage.

    This issue will not go away – today news sources are quoting what Bristol’s boyfriend has written on his MySpace page. When people put themselves “out there” they make themselves fair game. So even if Bristol is trying to maintain her privacy, the people around her are making that impossible.

  13. Jozet at Halushki Says:

    God help any other candidates’ daughter who were taught sex ed and given condoms who still get pregnant.

    We’ll have nowhere left to go except chastity belts. ;-)

    But I agree. The child is off limits and the young adult just shy of 18 years old can consent on some level. As a progressive, I turn the raising of Palin’s children over to Palin and with no judgment. Unless someone thinks this is a case for CPS, that’s another matter. Otherwise, I will assume that Palin knows her children best and trust her to parent them in the best way possible for her family and within her own definitions *even if she does not afford me that same consideration.*

    I will not be led by the media into acting contrary to my philosophies just for the sake of an election. Otherwise, I am no better than those I would rather not see in power and so do not deserve that power either.

  14. anniegirl1138 Says:

    A person’s parenting skills and decisions should not be part of the public debate over fitness for what is essentially A JOB. The VP is a job. We should be looking for qualified candidates not role models or toppings for pedestals.

    Are we that starved in our own lives for people to admire and emulate that we need our public servants to fill this role for us? Because at the end of the day, that is all they are. People who work for us and we should judge them according to their fitness for the job and their potential success.

    Employers are not allowed to quiz us on our parenting or fire us when our kids turn up pregnant or drop out of school. Why? Because it’s not relevant.

    Sure, we could throw family values in Palin’s face but the fact is that anyone’s teenage daughter can get pregnant. Happens all the time to even the best of parents because the funny thing about kids is that they are just like adults – they want what they want and they do whatever to get it. And they make decisions on the fly without thinking.

    Sarah Palin might be a terrible mom or she could be the greatest mother ever. Regardless, family values is about valuing family – not about being part of a perfect model of one.

  15. Houseonahill Says:

    I third what Mike Licht said. Only because in the Palin family’s official statement they are quoted the couple as saying, “We’re proud of Bristol’s decision to have her baby” ~ underscore “decision” she had a choice that they don’t want the rest of America to continue to have.

    Otherwise, I would be in agreement and stand firm in saying that families are off limit.

  16. winecat Says:

    I have to agree with Mike Licht. Sarah Palin made her daughter’s pregnancy an issue because of her personal beliefs.

  17. Feeder of the Hungry Beans Says:

    Bristol is off-limits. And I haven’t seen anyone cross that line. Obama’s speech to his supporters on that point hit it out of the park.

    But Sarah? Sarah signed on for this scrutiny and her views on abortion and sex ed are 100 percent in-bounds. As are the corruption scandal regarding her brother-in-law and her anti-gay marriage views.

  18. Backpacking Dad Says:


    People who say that she is an appropriate target because her mother preaches abstinence are confusing “appropriate” with “opportunistic”. There is no political point to be made here. Bristol being pregnant despite her mother’s abstinence policies is only a counter-example to those policies if the people who preach them are saying that teaching abstinence is not the best, but a surefire way to avoid unwanted pregnancies. And no one is saying that anymore than the other side is saying that teaching kids about safe sex and condom use will prevent unwanted pregnancies all the time. Leveraging Bristol’s pregnancy against Palin’s policies is committing a straw-man fallacy and we should be smarter than that.

    If we aren’t interested in good argumentation, though, it of course lends itself well to opportunistic, rhetorical attacks. But we should be classier than that. I don’t want to win an election and lose my soul doing it. Nor teach my daughter that short term gains are worth long term corruption of integrity.

  19. Maia Says:

    Well said. Leave the poor kid alone.

  20. Shonda Little Says:

    I agree. I care no more about who Bristol Palin is doing than who Bill Clinton or John Edwards is.
    I will say this, though: Abstinence only education doesn’t work. Period.
    Let me tell you what does really, really freak me out about Palin. In June, she gave a graduation speech at her church and said that the War in Iraq is “messianic” and God’s will. Her pastor has said that critics of George Bush will go to hell. And, she asked the audience to pray for the completion of a $30 billion national pipeline that her husband, a British Petroleum employee, would benefit from.

    @mike licht, good point, though.

  21. Patricia DeGennaro Says:

    Agreed. The child is off limits, but the issues are not. Sarah Palin opposes all the things that teenage girls need so they can chose to avoid being Mom’s so young. Birth control, health education and,of course, choice are all things she does not support.

    Unfortunately, Governor Palin did not demonstrate support of her child either. It is we the people that are pleading for her to be left alone. So on a grander scale if she treated her own child like this, how will she treat mere strangers, ones that may be her new VP constituents – all of us?

  22. High Heeled Mama Says:

    Agreed, PM. And can we add the boyfriend in there? When I saw his picture plastered on the morning news this morning, I was horrified. Leave the kids alone – there are plenty of real issues to focus on this election.

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