BREAKING NEWS: Colin Powell to Endorse Obama

Sun, October 19, 2008


CNN is confirming this morning that former Secretary of State Colin Powell has told Meet the Press that he will endorse and vote for Barack Obama for president.

Media outlets were speculating on this a few days ago when it was announced that Powell would be appearing on Meet the Press.

Powell says Obama has the “intellectual integrity” to be President, and has a “definitive way of business that will serve us well.”

Powell says Obama brings a fresh set of eyes to the problems of America and while John McCain is talented, Powell says America needs a generational change.

UPDATE: Clip from Meet the Press:

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7 Responses to “BREAKING NEWS: Colin Powell to Endorse Obama”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I have always admired Colin Powell and never more than right now. It wasn’t his endorsement that moved me so much, but the reasons WHY he is endorsing Obama that speak powerful volumes about the best candidate for America.

  2. Sharon Says:

    This news made my day, and my daughter is impressed, as well. I, too, have always admired and respected Colin Powell. This endorsement of Barack Obama is another example of Colin Powell’s courage and leadership.

  3. impromptublogger Says:

    Amen to that! We tail-end boomers rock! ;-)

  4. Anonymous Says:

    I for one am very disapponted and it defintely makes you wonder if “race” is still not an influencing factor in this election. Oprah abandoned Hillary, now Powell abandons his party. Glad to see that Alan Keys is actually running this time for the America’s Independt Party … a truely qualify person for president.

  5. ShallowGal Says:

    Add me to the long time Powell fans.

    What impressed me the most is it was a well thought out endorsement. I have so little respect for people who vote straight up and down party lines without regard to the issues (like when that stupid Examiner paper endorsed McCain a month ago, even before the debates)

    I almost always vote Democratic, but have voted for a handful of Republicans when appropriate. As much as my husband’s political views make me crazy(ie: he loves Guilini), he votes AFTER hearing all the facts, not based on some kind of outdated stereotype.

    What will stay with me from Powell’s interview was when he talked about the correct response to Obama being a Muslim. Even if he is a Muslim? Who cares?

    PS: I really missed Tim Russert today, even though Brokaw did a fine job.

  6. calvin Says:

    Be careful, Powell. Why? Because the republican right-wing-nuts. Will try to “Swift-Boat” you…………..

  7. Anonymous Says:

    Mr.Powell, I sincerely question your judgement,especially since you were a major contributor to the weakness of our defense intellegence. I challenge you or anyone else reading this comment and especially “PunditMom” to approve this comment so that the following two simple questions can be answered:

    (1) What is the name of the Physician / Nurse, who delivered Mr. Obama in Hawaii and the hospital?

    (2) Why was a forged birth certificate document (short form) put on the Obama Website as a real document, when forensic document experts determined it to be false? If you dispute these facts then permit these examiners to view (long form in Hawaii) it in front of independent observers for our central florida voters, only if you believe this document to be real!

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