Can You Say Senator Sarah Palin?

Tue, October 28, 2008


At first, I thought it was a little odd that John McCain would stick his toe in the waters of the corruption trial of Alaska Senator Ted Stevens. But shortly after the jury announced they had found Stevens guilty of seven counts of ethics violations related to unreported favors to Stevens and his family, McCain called on Stevens to step down one week before Stevens’ latest re-election bid.

Then, it hit me — if Stevens still got more votes than his Democratic opponent, Alaska would then have to appoint an interim Senator until a special election could be called. And who might Alaska name to an interim term?

You know. Say it.

Senator Sarah Palin.

And now Palin has called for Stevens to step down, as well, even though she had been quoted earlier as saying Stevens would have to decide for himself what was “right” for the State of Alaska and his family. (Given that Palin also was found to have violated some ethics laws recently, I’m surprised she didn’t advise Stevens to just pretend that he was exonerated — sort of like she did).

And you know she wants it. She’s already been trying to throw McCain under the bus on the campaign trail, paving the way for a larger role on the national political stage for herself. She’s already gained diva status according to the media.

So what would a diva do if she can’t be number 2? A diva always takes matters into her own hands! Palin, as the Governor of Alaska, could appoint herself to the position since, if Stevens won as a Republican, Palin would be required by law to appoint a Republican to the interim seat!

Now THAT’S all neat and tidy and tied up with a shiny bow!

Um, I hate to mention political contributions again since I just asked the other day, but now might be a good time to make a small contribution to Stevens opponent, Anchorage Mayor Mark Begich?

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7 Responses to “Can You Say Senator Sarah Palin?”

  1. Maia Says:

    Please do! And thanks for promoting Mark. He’s a fantastic mayor and he’s going to be the best gosh darn senator Alaska will have had in my lifetime. (Actually, he’ll only be the fourth gosh darn senator Alaska will have had in my lifetime, but at this point his only real competition is Lisa Murkowski, who’s actually kind of sane, and whose seat everyone assumed S.Pa would try to grab in the 2010 GOP primary. But that was in those halcyon pre-August 29 days before the rest of the world met our governor.)

  2. Magpie Says:

    Jaw hanging open. She couldn’t really appoint herself, could she? (I didn’t have the patience to read that pdf carefully.)

  3. Miz Shoes Says:

    Magpie, of COURSE she could, and probably would. After all, Dick Cheney looked all over the country for a Vice President for the Shrub, when he was the head of the nominating committee, but found the perfect candidate in the mirror. Legal? Yeah, sort of. Tasteless? Completely. Sleazy? You betcha.

  4. Tracee Says:

    WOW – one vote out of a hundred can’t really nuke anyone by herself so . . .

  5. Mother Jones, RN Says:

    Wow! I think you’re right. George Stephanopoulos should invite you on his Sunday morning news show.


  6. julie Says:

    Wow. This is all I can think to say after reading your post.

  7. Smiling Mama Says:

    Wow. Certainly wouldn’t be the most outrageous thing she’s done, though, would it?

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