Sarah Palin, 2012?

Fri, October 10, 2008


Heaven help us.

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36 Responses to “Sarah Palin, 2012?”

  1. impromptublogger Says:

    Don’t make me nauseous…

  2. anniegirl1138 Says:

    Oh you had to have seen this coming.

    This election, barring anything really stupid from her (and I mean worse still the gaffes she has made) is nothing but a win/win for her. McCain will never get another shot but she is young in political years and they will have four years to prep her for 2012. Obama got his start during the 2004 convention remember.

    Give Rove and his ilk four years with her and she could end up being the woman who “represents” for us. Shudder.

  3. JZMom Says:

    Literally? Just shivered. Ick.

  4. Barb Says:

    I still can’t believe anyone is actually taking her seriously. Man, we are in deep trouble!

  5. KARIN Says:

    Oh, please. Her 15 minutes are almost up. In 2012, the word Palin will be synonymous with disastrous choice. Or maybe epic failure. Possibly also Hellbitch of the Apocaplyse. hee. Maybe not the last one, except in my circle.

    So ready for her to go away. My only fear now is that Alaska won’t take her back…

  6. Tresor De Beaute Says:

    I am by no means a Republican, but I am sick of women bashing other women because they happen to be successful and not sharing your ideology.

  7. Blue Lady Says:

    She is definitely running for 2012 right now. I honestly believe she has thrown McCain under the bus and given up on this campaign so she can start campaigning for the next go around.

    And to Tresor de beaute, I think the true sign of feminism is we don’t have to like someone just because she is female. We can judge her on her merits, and I judge Palin to be a dangerous, radical right-winger. If she was a man, no one would give me grief for saying that.

  8. KARIN Says:

    Tresor, She’s not a woman. She’s a pittbull. Her words. Not mine. A pitbull with no substance and no purpose other than to incite racial violence and perpetutate inflammatory lies about her opponent. Who gives a flip about Troopergate, her pregnant daughter, or the word salad that spews from her mouth in media interviews. She’s a nobody who isn’t qualified to be a heartbeat away from the presidency. I don’t need the “liberal” media to tell me so. It’s quite obvious what she is (and is not). Frankly, I’m insulted that she had the hubris to waste my time.

    Annie, I’m not so sure. The Republican party seems to be fragmenting into the “Cocktail Party” Republicans and the far right conservatives. I wonder if this might be the beginning of a third political party- formed from the left-leaning Republicans and the right- leaning Democrats. The Republican part is definitely in disarray, similar to what the Democrats experienced in the 80s. It will be interesting to watch. But no, I don’t think Palin has what it takes to be a candidate. Did you see her SATs? Not good.

  9. Gracie Says:

    ewwww I threw up in my mouth a little… ok, ALOT!!!

    PS – I really appreciate your blog and the way you handle comments back, etc!

  10. PunditMom Says:

    I’d hardly call this bashing. I would feel the same way about her candidacy if she was “Sam” Palin. I don’t have to want her in office just because she’s got two X chromosomes.

  11. Sarah Says:

    I'd LOVE to see a woman in the White House…but it has to be the RIGHT woman. Sarah Palin is NOT the right woman.

    As women, we owe it to each other to set our standards and expectations high. Think about it. If she were to (god forbid) end up in the Presidency and fail miserably, what would be the outcome? Our nation – which has been eons behind the rest of the world in putting women in leadership roles, would use her failures as an excuse to never vote for another woman again.

    This is a woman who is in no way pro-woman. She's running with a man who thinks that women need more education & training to qualify for equal pay. An interesting theory when studies show that women are making less than their equally educated counterparts straight out of college. (I WILL say I enjoy the irony of McCain choosing for his running mate a woman who truly DOES need more education and training. Maybe he's assuming he can pay her less, thus saving the country some money.) She's anti-choice, even in cases of rape and incest – and she doesn't want to help us avoid having to ever *make* that choice by teaching about birth control.

    So, before you start feeling sorry for her for being picked on…think about the enormous steps she could take for all of us…steps BACKWARDS…or straight off a cliff.

  12. winecat Says:

    OMG, the nightmare!

  13. Tresor De Beaute Says:

    The “Leftists” gave us an intelligent very capable woman in the person of Sen. Clinton, and we rejected her, now the “Rightists” give us an intelligent, though not-so-ready-to-be-President (can’t we say the same about Senator Obama? Or his readiness is no longer questionable?) woman, in the person of Gov. Palin and you are whining?

  14. Shannon Says:

    Yikes. Hate filled rhetoric, a wink, and smile don’t advance our interest at home or abroad. I hope people on both sides will be able to eventually see the damage she is doing.

  15. PunditMom Says:

    Intelligent? If Sarah Palin is what passes for intelligent, then I am truly scared. Whining? No, I just want someone who can put a complete thought together in a full sentence who is actually experienced. Is that so much to ask? If we put a women as unqualified as Palin in national office, all women who run after her are doomed.

  16. Anonymous Says:

    Ugh. . . The thought scares me! I’m scared thinking of Palin being the Vice President. . . let alone the president! Great website though! You have a lot of great content! Feel free to check out my blog where I have many political rants.

  17. Tresor De Beaute Says:

    PunditMom, are you saying that it requires a dumb (wouldn’t that be the opposite of intelligent?)person to govern the state of AK?
    You said, I quote: “I just want someone … who is actually experienced.” Is Obama experienced? Or is the fact that he “can put a complete thought together in a full sentence” makes him qualified to run this country? All I’m asking for is some fairness. If you’re going to ‘yikes’ to the rightist because of her experience or lack thereof, please do the same for the leftist.

  18. Dorothy Says:

    One comment; for all the knowledge and information the current and past presidents have had on our state of affairs and economy..what benefit..? It has been bipartisan regarding most of the issues we face..

    Maybe a dumb mom with children and family will make better decisions for us, I don’t think her choices could put us in a worse situation regarding our current reputation in the world and ongoing financial demise.

    I support McCain and Palin.they love their country and want to serve us not themselves….as many current congress and politicians have continued to do..

    Dorothy from grammology

  19. PunditMom Says:

    Just because one gets elected to an office doesn’t make them smart or qualified. We have had PLENTY of elected officials at all levels over the course of history who should not have been in office. Is Palin politically astute? Probably. Do I want her to even have once small chance of being in the White House? No. If I lived in Alaska, I wouldn’t want her there either.

  20. KARIN Says:

    Dorothy, Bipartisan my ass. Don’t try to put the blame for the Iraq debacle on the Democrats. I hope your husband, sons, and daughters are all active duty military. Surely you know that there isn’t enough military manpower to carry out McCain’s policies. Do you have any idea what’s happening to our troops in Afghanistan? When McCain dies in office, I’d rather it were your family stuck in Afghanistan with a PTA mom calling the shots. My family has been through enough.

    And Tresor, WTF? Alaska’s population according to the US census is 670,053. I live in San Antonio, population 23,507,783. I’m struggling to find a relevant city with a population as small as Alaska. You might as well say Palin is mayor of Ft Worth, TX (apologies to Ft Worth). That’s not relevant experience and does not compare to Obama’s experience in the Senate. Sorry.

    And she is dumb. SATs aren’t partisan.

  21. gunfighter1 Says:

    It’ll never happen. Which doesn’t mean that she is through with politics. I fully excpect her to be the next elected Senator from Alaska… ain’t that a shame?

  22. gunfighter1 Says:

    Wow… someone has been watching FOX news.

  23. Sarah Says:

    Let’s back up a second and consider this…

    Obama ran for the priveledge and opportunity to be his party’s candidate for the presidency. The American people cast their votes and he won – which should be an indication of our opinion of his readiness. He chose Biden – a well-respected man who also ran for the presideny and has a long history in politics – as his running mate.

    Palin was slapped onto the Republican ticket as McCain’s running mate. We didn’t have the opportunity to listen to HER give HER OWN answers to the questions at hand – instead they kept her locked up until she could learn HIS answers to the questions – well, at least to the questions she wanted to answer. Probably better for both of them being that she’s much more right-wing wacko than he is – but I digress.

    The whole argument of Obama’s lack of experience if fascinating to me. He has more experience than Lincoln – our most celebrated president – had when he was elected. And, again let’s remember, Obama was chosen by the people to run for this position – he wasn’t an add-on.

    I guess the real question is this: If something happened to McCain between now and election day, would you still vote for the Republican ticket KNOWING that she would go straight to the presidency? If the answer to that is yes…well…WOW.

  24. Houseonahill Says:

    I’m not even worried. Her name-calling tactics, and her lack of education despite having a journalism degree won’t fool too many for too long. Hopefully in 2012 she’ll be just another granma knitting in Alaska.

  25. Little Monkies Says:

    bile. in. throat. ohmygodsayitisn’tpossible!

  26. Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah Says:


  27. Anonymous Says:

    You all sound ridiculous. If I said the same thing about Hilary (intellectually vacant/inexperienced) I would called a sexist, but because she is a Republican and good looking she must be attacked and its acceptable. I find it interesting that women, more than men, feel the need to belittle her. She was a mayor and she is a governor with the highest approval rating in the United States, dumb people cannot accomplish that! Why do her accomplishments need to be belittled? If she was liberal that would be the reason to vote for her, but since she is conservative she hasn’t served she doesn’t have enough experience (not to mention she is more experienced than our President elect). I guess this election further confirms for me that feminism is not about women’s rights but rights for liberal women.

  28. KARIN Says:

    I’m sorry…. Sarah WHO?

  29. 4palin2012 Says:

    do any of you know her? are any of you gov. of a state? who are any of you to judge her in this way? Sarah Palin would be an amazing president–I hope and pray she runs and wins in 2012. Finally a woman who will kick some but, get the job done and still be able to go home, be a mom, do the laundry cook dinner like all of us do…..AMEN!

  30. KARIN Says:

    Oh you know her? Can you tell her that Africa is a continent? I think she was absent from geography class on that day or something.

    God, she’s like the gift that keeps on giving. Please let her run in 2012. Please. We Democrats should be so lucky.

  31. jessica Says:

    It was galling to think that this airhead thought that she had a chance of helping to win the election in the first place. To read and hear (from her, during another gaffe) that she is looking to run for President in four years is an education in itself. I no longer feel that she overreached herself without due consideration of her limitations. I now know that she is that worst kind of human – one whose ambitions run so deep that she feels no need to assess the greater good.

    Run, Sarah. Lose badly and run again in 2016. Become a regular joke, right up to 2028 if you wish. Learn nothing and feel no shame. Bring it on! You deserve it.

  32. Michelle Says:

    Obviously you don’t have one conservative reading your blog. I would expect these comments from people who voted for a man who ran on drama. Most of the criticisms I have read here are based on rumor or come from “anonymous” sources. But if you want to base your judgments on rumors, go for it. I just find it scary that that is what our country has come to. An instant gratification, realty watching, “I want mine now” country who votes in a man based on smooth talk and a promise for change. Change? What’s SO bad about the way things are now? And to the person who said Palin is “the worst kind of human” you need to reevaluate your criteria. PALIN 2012!!

  33. KARIN Says:

    I might take you seriously if you said Bobby Jindal 2012, but you’re clearly too dumb/uninformed to know who he is. What is so bad about the way things are now? Are you KIDDING ME????? We’re stuck in Iraq in a quagmire that is financially bleeding this country dry and it is fact, FACT that we went there under false pretenses. Conservatives are liars. And that’s for starters. How many tours has your husband done in Iraq, Michelle? I would fucking LOVE to know. I bet you’re one of those “patriots” who supported the troops by sticking one of those magnetic made in China “I support the Troops” stickers on her car and patted yourself on the back. What’s so bad. Seriously, kiss my ass, Michelle.

  34. Anonymous Says:

    Give us PALIN!!!!! All the bitter soccer moms out there need to chill, you voted for Obama the anti-christ. Now its time to let God back in.

  35. Anonymous Says:

    Gays for Palin!!!! Go Palin 2012

  36. Anonymous Says:

    If we make throught 4 years of Obama we will be begging for the right change. PAlin 2012!!

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