This Message Brought to you by "Jo" the Working Mom

Mon, October 20, 2008

Making Our Political Voices Heard

As a long time political nerd, I’ve seen and heard a lot of things over the years. But I’m a little confused about why John McCain and Sarah Palin think we should be taking a political science primer from a plumber wanna-be. I have a political science degree, so I can probably exempt myself from “Joe the Plumber’s” tutorial, but the rest of you might be stuck!

Apparently, though, “Joe the Plumber” has convinced the McCain/Palin campaign that Barack Obama and Joe Biden are spooky, scary socialists! And just in time for Halloween!

Sarah Palin is doing her best mocking, frightening voice to talk with crowds about “spreading the wealth,” something she says with the same level of disgust one might use when talking about a poopy diaper.

Except she needs to be more careful about throwing those political stones. Sometimes they bounce back and hit you in the eye. I guess for her and John McCain, it’s OK if it’s their agenda.

So, “Jo” the working mom is here to set the record straight! No, I can’t snake your clogged drain or install a new spigot, but I do know a thing or two about socialism. And we are so far from it, there can only be one reason why Palin is tossing the word around so freely two weeks before the election — to instill more fear in us as voters.

The Obama as a terrorist claim didn’t work. The Obama as a maybe-Muslim, other-y sort of guy didn’t work. Hey, if the GOP invokes something that raises the specter of Karl Marx and the Soviet Union, then McCain can win a few more votes and get back to talking about his good old days and the Cold War!

The GOP will take votes any way it can get them, and if escalating fear among Americans is seen as a way to move people from the Democrats, I shudder to think what else they’ve got in that quiver.

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4 Responses to “This Message Brought to you by "Jo" the Working Mom”

  1. bloggingmom67 Says:

    Great post! You say so well what I’m feeling.

  2. Daisy Says:

    Joe (a.k.a. Sam) the (unlicensed) plumber could learn a lot from you — as could Palin. And McCain.

  3. anniegirl1138 Says:

    The problem is that there are people out there scared enough and minimally educated enough and isolated for the wider world to believe the lies. In times like this people want to blame and they want an “enemy” to unite against. What they don’t want is to be told that the enemy is them and that there is belt tightening ahead.

    Even if Obama wins the Republicans have driven a wedge that is going to make the hard times to come that much harder.

  4. pajamadeen Says:

    The longer this campaign slogs on, the lower the Republicans stoop. One can feel them oozing desperation, just from watching them on TV. Interestingly, an online publication I read regularly has had a sudden _exodus_ of the McLame crowd. All I can figure out is, maybe they saw the handwriting on the wall…Naw, that doesn’t sound like something a Republican would perceive. I take it back!

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