Where Oh Where Has My Pundit Mojo Gone?

Tue, October 28, 2008


T minus seven days to go until the election of the century. You’d think I’d be all riled up with plenty of pundity goodness, but I feel strangely empty when it comes to my inner wonk.

There’s plenty on my mind — voter suppression, voting machine reliability, the difference in early voting vs. what those yet to vote have to say.

Maybe it’s because I’m so worried about the possibility of the GOP somehow cobbling together a plan to keep the White House, that I can’t think clearly about anything else.

Is everyone else feeling this way, or is it just me? I wish I could vote early because then, in a funny way that makes no logical sense, I could think a little more clearly, but I live in one of those states that hasn’t been propelled into the 21st century yet (although there is an initiative on the ballot this year to get us some early voting!).

It’s hard to get all fired up when the fatigue of a two-year campaign settles in and the stories about wardrobes, pretend plumbers and religion get more time than health care, education and the economy.

So help a PunditMom out. What political thoughts can re-ignite my political fire between now and next Tuesday, as long as it’s nothing too scary!

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15 Responses to “Where Oh Where Has My Pundit Mojo Gone?”

  1. Laurie Says:

    I just posted a video on my blog of Palin poking fun at autism research–or well as she put it “fruit fly research in Paris France” that has “nothing to do with the greater good”.

    Now, imagine if Obama or Biden had said such a negative comment about autism research…

  2. Sunshine Says:

    I’m actually quite amazed you’re still standing. The pace with which you’ve been writing the past at least two years, you must be EXHAUSTED!!!

    One more week, you’re doing fine!

  3. Anonymous Says:

    How about creating some goals for the next president’s first 100 days? This could be paired with amusing personal goals.

  4. Magpie Says:

    How about diving into the Stevens case, and the repercussions that might have to other (non-presidential) races?

    (I haven’t voted yet – but I was ever so pleased to mail my mother’s absentee ballot for her!)

  5. judy in ky Says:

    I’m sorry I can’t help… I feel exactly the same way you do. Nightmare scenarios keep running through my mind, too. Maybe a couple of martinis might help!

  6. Margaret Says:

    Maybe you, or someone here, could help reassure me that if I vote early, somehow the GOP won’t manage to have it tossed? I live in Ohio. The robocalls don’t stop here y’all! If I vote early, I am afraid that somehow there will be legal maneuverings to have my vote discounted. But I don’t want to wait until election day because last election day they ran out of ballots. I don’t think I’ve ever felt so strongly about having my vote COUNT.

  7. Corina Says:

    I don’t thin that you have lost your mojo. I think that it is difficult not to become disillusioned when this campaign has become particularly brutal. You are a single person writing this. You don’t have a team researching and encouraging you to keep on keeping on. You are amazing at what you do, but the tv pundits have that team to back them up when bombarded with all of the nonsense that we are facing. You have us. And while that is AMAZING, we are disillusioned too, feeding your disillusionment.

    What about topics like….

    The election the day after (fallout either way).

    Services that help people get out to vote.

    Why Obama is getting the vote of so many well known conservatives

    Why intelligence = elite = bad.

    Hope to see some mojo soon.

  8. Nancy Gruver Says:

    The only thing that's keeping me from totally freaking out is reading blogs like yours (thanks!) and also talking to everyone I know about talking to everyone they know about voting and volunteering between now & Nov 4. Keeping busy is imperative to staving off the horrible fear that something will go wrong & steal the election away again.

  9. Sarah Says:

    I'm glad I can't vote early. I get all fired up and excited to walk into a polling place on election day, stand in a (hopefully) long line and cast my vote along with everyone else. It makes me feel like I'm part of the whole big she-bang, and I get a crazy (and dorky) high from it! :D

    We need you & your mojo now more than ever – to remind us all that this election, despite the polls and projections, is NOT over yet, that we have a lot riding on this and we HAVE TO FOLLOW THROUGH! It's pathetic that more people vote for American Idol than for the presidency. And I'm scared (sorry…I know you said nothing too scary) that too many people are thinking that this election is in the bag for Obama so they don't need to show up on election day. WE NEED TO SHOW UP!

    If you can't find your mojo…check the pockets of the coat you were wearing when you voted 4 years ago. ;)

  10. L-girl Says:

    Maybe it’s because I’m so worried about the possibility of the GOP somehow cobbling together a plan to keep the White House, that I can’t think clearly about anything else.

    I take it you’ve read the Greg Palast / Robert Kennedy Jr story in Rolling Stone? The plan is in place, and it’s already working. Since they stole 2000 and 2004 – and since nothing has changed – there’s no reason to think they won’t steal 2008. And just in case, the military’s in training for domestic ops.

    Thanks for the link. I wish you luck.

  11. Tracee Says:

    I’m sick of it. Wish the final vote were today when we’re in safe territory and seriously considering never discussing politics again.

    Until tonight and tomorrow and until I go work the election on Tuesday.

  12. Sharon Says:

    I’ve stepped up my efforts to help local candidates. I feel like I’m contributing and I’m with like-minded people. I address postcards, stamp postcards, make phone calls, offer to make a salad for volunteers on election day – it all takes me to Tuesday night when I will celebrate with fellow Democrats.

  13. landismom Says:

    Yeah, echoing some of the other candidates–I’ve voted already, and I’m still worried about the GOP stealing the election. I’m not actually worried about my own personal vote–but the votes of many other folks in minority communities, particularly.

    There’s a flyer being distributed in at least one African-American neighborhood that I’ve worked in recently that claims that the government will be monitoring polling places on Election Day to scoop up people who have warrants out for things like non-payment of child support. While I believe that the government should enforce child support orders, it’s pretty clear that this is just about voter suppression.

  14. Blue Lady Says:

    I’m worn out too, Pundit Mom. I didn’t even post today. We actually have early voting here, but I’m waiting. I’m hoping election day will be like Christmas morning.

  15. Amy@UWM Says:

    Raising my arm up high over my head. Tired, oh so very tired and paranoid here too. My nerves are completely shot.

    I am, though, enjoying watching the wheels come off of the McCain campaign. I’m finding guilty pleasure in seeing that smug Nicole Wallace being thrown under the bus. I find all of that to be a very hopeful sign.

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