Free-floating Election Anxiety

Tue, November 4, 2008

Making Our Political Voices Heard

I’m afraid to get excited about the election. Many other women are and they’ve been talking about their experiences and emotions over at The Motherhood’s Moms Call in the Vote Circle. There are some wonderfully passionate stories about voting experiences.

My problem is this — I’m too anxious to get too emotional –

I’m a Democrat through and through, but I’ve seen enough times when things looked promising and then, well, they weren’t. I worry about the stories I hear about places like Pennsylvania, where a lot of my family lives, and how the GOP are actively trying to suppress turnout in places like Philadelphia because they see that as their only strategy to possible winning the state.

My family hasn’t hears stories like that (yet), but there were still some difficulties –

I’m hoping that as I spend the rest of my day wrapped up in the fuzzy robe, sipping tea to ease the flu symptoms, that there will be something to get excited about at the end of the day.

But I’m not ready to show or feel that enthusiasm yet.

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