Hangin’ with the MOMocrats!

Thu, November 13, 2008

Moms & Politics

Looking for me? I’m over at MOMocrats today with some thoughts on the Big Three automakers.

Can you say ‘stupid and shortsighted?’

Yeah, I said it — stupidity and shortsightedness. What else can you say about companies who have put their collective heads in the sand and ignored the demand of consumers for smaller, more fuel efficient cars and who just kept right on producing things like the Expedition (14 miles a gallon) and the Tahoe (also, 14 mpg).

So what’s the proper way to handle petulant corporate big wigs? Can’t help but wonder.

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5 Responses to “Hangin’ with the MOMocrats!”

  1. winecat Says:

    If we choose to bail them out, and that’s a big if, ALL
    the upper management should be replaced. It serves no purpose to give money to the very people who have ignored the problem for years.

    Same should be true for the bank, AIG and who ever else is lining up with their hands out.

  2. impromptublogger Says:

    While I do worry if GM goes under – that would mean cumulatively almost 3 mil jobs would be lost and we really would be in a Depression with a capitol D!

    However, if we help them it should be with HUGE strings attached – like winecat said accountable for every penny and they need to up their milage average by at least 5 mpg if not 10. One reason why our new car in Sept. was a Scion xB.

  3. PunditMom Says:

    When we bought a new car last year, we were torn between the Prius and the Honda CRV (for diff. reasons). Went with the CRV … now wish it had been the Prius.

  4. Kelley Irish Says:

    Trust me the triggle down effect of GM melt down will reach far beyond the Michigan borders. and since I live in MIchigan -do you realize tht GM was making the cars people wanted-even demanded? Trust me if a model wasn’t sellong it would not have been made. We did not learn from the 70′s. Once the proces of gas went down-we wanted our big cars back. Some becasue they are safer in accidents some because well –Size!!!! Men have always liked BIG–you know cars

    It is also really hard to sell GM cars over seas because of the tariffs slapped on them. On the other hand we are more than fair to Toyota and Honda.

    The automakers have negotiated contracts much more in line with foreign manufacturing. THus was discussed on the mornin news shows. Many mnay people have no idea the large number of wage concessions the workers have made in the past 8 years.

    I think we have to bail them out just based on the triggle down effects-but concession need to come not only from workers but from mangment as well. Those million dollars salaries-have to go. If the corporate teams now work for the government their salaries should not be higher than the amount he President of the United Staes makes.

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