How is Voting Going in Your State?

Tue, November 4, 2008


With so much of my family in Pennsylvania, and hearing some reports of problems, I was wondering how the rest of the state was doing. Now I can figure that out –

Isn’t this great? I’d do my own state, but so far things seem calm here.

And don’t forget the Twitter Vote Report and the Voter Suppression Wiki for more Election Day information!

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3 Responses to “How is Voting Going in Your State?”

  1. Holly Says:

    I live in the north east part of the state and had no trouble. There were knowledgeable and helpful volunteers who explained the voting machine to me, then I voted and wha-la! It was done.

  2. Jeni Says:

    I live in central PA -about 37 miles northwest of State College (Penn State ya know) and when my daughter and I went to vote today, we had no problems whatsoever, but then again, this is a very rural area, very small voting precinct too. On the noon news out of Altoona, they had a report from a worker at a precinct in State College who said at that time, they had had more voters come through this morning than they had had the entire day in the election in 2004!
    On the early evening news, I heard nothing about problems in our region nor any reports of problems in other parts of the state. Who knows! But one of my blogger buds who lives in Washington state, commented on my after-the-vote post today that they had announced that PA went to Obama. I hope so but am not going to celebrate until the fat lady actually sings, ya know!
    Check my blog post “After The Ball” as I’d appreciate any comments on the things I fear about this election and the days ahead.

  3. miranda Says:

    I live in Utah, and things normally go pretty smoothly. What I’m excited about is that Obama got 34% of the vote in Utah. And if you know Utah, that’s HUGE. Almost a victory.

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