More Important Things to Ponder Than Where the Obamas will Attend Church

Sat, November 22, 2008

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I know that reporters and pundits alike are looking for things to write about now that the election is over. Sure, we’ve got some time to speculate about who Barack Obama will choose for his cabinet. And there’s no shortage of real news, like the economy, unemployment and how we’re going to keep world finances from imploding between now and January 20.

So, I guess that’s why Sally Quinn and the Washington Post decided to run an op-ed that allowed Quinn, who writes at the Post’s On Faith blog, to ramble on about where the Obama family should go to church.

Really? That’s all they’ve got to fill the opinion page? I know it’s the Saturday before Thanksgiving, but I could give them 800 words on a whole lot of topics that have a bit more relevance to our lives than what church Sally Quinn deems high profile enough for the First Family-elect. I know she’s got an “in” at the newspaper, and all, but really –

The word presumptuous doesn’t even begin to cover the idea that Quinn, with the blessing of the Washington Post, would imply through that column that the Obamas ought to attend church and choose one for them. Haven’t we all really had enough of Barack Obama’s religion and church going history? It’s just outrageous to me that the Post would print an essay suggesting that the Obamas should declare their intention to partake in Sunday services.

I expect more of the Washington Post. I hope this is just a little slip up on a slow weekend. But if there’s a shortage, I’ve got some op-eds, and I know other writers who probably do, too, that I can give you on some topics that voters who are struggling to figure out how to put Thanksgiving on the table and how to tighten their holiday budgets might actually want to read.

Whether and where the Obamas will go to church? I know they’re going to have to make a few Sunday worship appearances once he’s sworn in, but I’d really like him to be thinking about other, more important things like, say, keeping our finances together with something more than spit and duct tape.

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9 Responses to “More Important Things to Ponder Than Where the Obamas will Attend Church”

  1. miranda Says:

    Yes, well, you know, apparently it’s Very Important that we know candidates’ religions and whether they actively participate. After all, things like ideas for the country and governing and all that stuff takes a back seat to how (and whether) one talks to God. And, heaven forbid, someone keep his/her worship private. We wouldn’t know whether s/he was doing the “right” thing…

  2. Pink Heels Says:

    It is equally as important as informing us what private school their children will attend on the evening news. It was even worth being the ‘teaser’ to keep you watching the news. Ugh!

  3. Heidi O Says:

    I guess separation of church and state is just a suggestion. Our president needs to publicly declare where they will be attending service so that we know he is saving the soul of the nation. Because we all know that that is his real job, right?

  4. Mauigirl Says:

    Agree completely. It’s none of anyone’s business where and if the Obamas worship. And it’s their private, personal choice.

  5. Mamma Says:

    I can’t help but wonder if this is a bit presumptuous if not racist.

    Would she have suggested to the Bushs or Clintons that they should go to church?

    What compels her to feel that she has anything to teach the President-elect?

  6. Holly Says:

    why does .anyone. care where they worship….or if they do? That is a private matter and if ….by golly….the pregnancy of an unwed teen daughter should have been off limits, I think …by golly…this should be too!

  7. Cynthia Says:

    I would LOVE to see your Op-Eds in the Post and, from what I hear, the Post wants them too. Check out this article and submit submit submit!

    I contacted Zofia Smardz recently to see if the uptick in female bloggers resulted in a full inbox of Op-Ed pieces since she wrote this article. The answer? No, not much change–still almost all from men. So please ladies, write and submit to your heart’s delight!

  8. winecat Says:

    I agree The Post and Sally Quinn should mind their own business. And since when does Sally Quinn who’s minor claim to fame is being married to Ben Bradley get to write opinion pieces for the Post?

    When are we going to get back to recognizing the separation of church and state and let religion be the personal matter it is?

  9. Velma Says:

    Amen. Once again, with so many REAL crises going on in our country, we get treated to fluff that is really none of our business.

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