PunditMom’s "I Ate Too Much Turkey" Quick Hits

Sun, November 30, 2008

Moms & Politics

OK, it’s not that I ate so much the turkey, but I consumed way too many of the carbs that always go along with the turkey.

So while I have beached myself next to the computer as I process all the calories, here are a few things to think about as we head out of our collective tryptophan stupors!

–Bill Clinton is going to make his donor names available to clear the way for Hillary to become Secretary of State.

–Barack Obama is scheduled to announce some of the heavy-hitters of his new administration tomorrow in his continuing round of president-elect news conferences.

–I’m still trying to understand why women activists online get labeled as “mommybloggers.”

–How much IS my house worth for a week in January?

–How do you feel about Michelle Obama’s self-proclaimed role as “mom in chief.”

Now, back to the turkey leftovers!

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3 Responses to “PunditMom’s "I Ate Too Much Turkey" Quick Hits”

  1. anniegirl1138 Says:

    Ah, blogging while under the influence of motherhood.

    The problem is that once a woman uses her uterus or adopts or inherits or whatever, it’s all over in the eyes of the world. The maternal will forever define us. It’s one of the best systems of enslavement the world has ever come up with.

  2. landismom Says:

    Hope you had a great holiday. Maybe I can run for Mommyblogger in Chief?

  3. Suzanne Says:

    I love Michelle’s emphasis on her motherhood. It’s a big transition to move into the White House, and I’m glad she’s making it clear that her children will be her top priority. Michelle doesn’t need to prove anything — in a way, my mommy working generation has it a little easier than Hillary’s. We don’t need to be symbols — we can choose “work” or “mom” or be a blend of both. Now, honestly, it’s a PR move as much as anything, but I think it’s a good PR move. To address the “mommy blogger” question: bloggers who blend family and political commentary earn this moniker. Wonkette and Amanda Marcotte are not called mommy bloggers.

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