PunditMom’s Monday Morning Quick Hits — Economy & More

Mon, November 24, 2008

Moms & Politics

Another weekend, another bailout. Did you see this one coming with Citigroup?

Barack Obama’s economic team gets announced today at noon.

Howard Kurtz apparently has a thing for Michelle Obama’s arms.

You thought I was crazy raising the specter of the Michelle Obama and Mommy Wars? Looks like it’s just getting started.

Michael Milken wants a presidential pardon. Remember him? Do you care about the pardon issue?

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One Response to “PunditMom’s Monday Morning Quick Hits — Economy & More”

  1. Holly Says:

    the article stated:
    some argue that his wife remains bound by a traditional role that seems too small and too ill-fitting for a thoughtful, Ivy League-educated executive.

    Me: when did raising the next generation become too small or ill-fitting? Some act like this .limits. her potential and I don’t think it does. She simply won’t have to go away to work, most of her work will continue where she is. She is more in the spotlight now than ever before, she has the power and the position to do more now than before. She can influence policy for crying out loud. And I am certain, beyond reasonable doubt that she will have input when her husband poses tricky situations, on how to handle them. You don’t have to be front and center to be powerful.

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