Well, That Could Have Been Worse!

Tue, November 4, 2008

Making Our Political Voices Heard

Only about 25 people in line and I only had to wait about ten minutes to vote … here’s my report from The Motherhood:

But I understand it’s not going so smoothly in Virginia. And there are definitely lessons to be learned as parents, as we wait in voting lines.

Want to hear more moms talking about their election day experiences? Check out the Moms Voting Circle at The Motherhood!

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One Response to “Well, That Could Have Been Worse!”

  1. impromptublogger Says:

    We drove by our polling place this morning at 7:20 – there was a very long line out the door. But my dh went around 4:00 and there was no line, and I went a little after 5 and there was no line either! I can’t vouch for now that work is over but it looks like the rush was this morning.

    I hope you feel better!

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