Moms Are Going to Kick the Economy in the Butt!

Sat, March 28, 2009

Moms & Politics

A cultural shift is going on when it comes to the economy. Sure, we’re all cutting back, clipping coupons and altering summer vacation plans (if we can even afford one). But this economic downturn is the kind that’s going to alter how we live our lives.

Growing up on a small family farm, I knew the meaning of the word frugal. If you looked up the word ‘frugal’ in the dictionary, you’d likely see a picture of my mom and my grandmother together. But now many of us are doing more. We’re rethinking, reinventing.

I want to document that. I’m working on a project that would allow me to talk to families — women in particular — about how their lives are changing for the long term as a result of the current economy.

Then the Name Your Dream Assignment project came along. It’s not going on much longer, but I would love if you’d consider voting for my idea to travel America this summer to show what real life looks like when we don’t take our money for granted. Lots of women are clipping coupons and cutting back and those efforts are significant. But there’s a bigger movement starting to reconfigure what life is and I want to document it.

Michelle Obama is taken one step with her victory garden, but there’s more out there and I want to show it! So if you have a minute, click on the dream assignment link above and vote for my project. I promise, it will be a good one as I find moms who are going to kick the economy in the butt!

There is a sea change coming. If we’re going to survive and our families are going to get by have to figure out more than just how to get by, and there are some ideas out there just waiting to inspire the rest of us!

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  1. Kimberly Says:

    J, I just want you to know that I have tried TRIED and tried to vote for you on this over 5 times on separate occasions. I get error messages each time. It’s very frustrating because I want to support you in such a great idea! Grr…

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