PunditMom’s "Kiss My Fat Ass" Campaign!

Mon, March 16, 2009

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I loved it when Tyra Banks said it to take on the people who wanted to lessen her accomplishments by criticizing how she looked in a bathing suit. Yes, Miss Tyra said it and now it’s time to say it again.

When Laura Ingraham couldn’t think of anything better to engage Meghan McCain with when attacking her political views other than her weight and Ingraham’s view that McCain is a plus-size girl, I was happy to see @McCainBlogette invoke Tyra by telling Ingraham to “Kiss my fat ass!”

Politics isn’t about weight. If it was, would Rush Limbaugh or Newt Gingrich be as successful as they are? This stooping to the weight thing (which is just the updated version of the bully yelling on the playground that you’re ugly and your mother dresses you funny) gets tossed around so much for women (even by women) and it’s time to stop.

So, I’m calling for a “Kiss My Fat Ass” campaign.

When someone of the opposite party (either one — progressive or conservative) engages in the kind of juvenile smack-down that Ingraham tried, I’m calling on people of good political conviction (no flaming, PLEASE) to invoke the #KMFA mantra.

At a certain point, that’s all that’s left to be said when others use the under-inspired equivalent response of “Oh, yeah?” when they can’t attack you any other way.

Good, clean political debate? Yeah! Vigorous discussions about differing viewpoints? Bring it. But when you get into how we look or dress or part our hair, it’s time to just invoke the simple phrase “Kiss My Fat Ass.”

Not only is it the one appropriate response, but it will make us feel better, too! And if Meghan McCain is a plus-size girl, then I’m only one step away from the Lane Bryant store myself.

Correced KMFA234

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21 Responses to “PunditMom’s "Kiss My Fat Ass" Campaign!”

  1. Backpacking Dad Says:

    What I don’t understand is why in that group of McCain related videos put up by YouTube after the clip ends, there is one entitled “Sexy Teen Girls Kissing and Touching.”

    WTF YouTube?

  2. Lawyer Mama Says:

    I’m sensing a new hastag. #KMFA

  3. Adrienne Says:

    A big fat KMFA to Ann COulter who stated after being on The View that while on the show it made her feel “young and pretty” as compared to the Hosts.

  4. Kelley Irish Says:

    First of all she is NOT fat. I am currently over weight but that does not make me unintelligent. (Perhaps unhealthy and yep I am trying to lose weight)

    However, like I tell the kids on the playground, Getting into a name calling competition is one race where nobody wins.

  5. Mamma Says:

    AMEN!!!! And I agree with Lawyer Mama #KMFA

  6. PunditMom Says:

    Yes! #KMFA it is!

    And, Kelley, that’s the thing that really ticks me off. There is no way, Meghan McCain is overweight. That someone like Ingraham would stoop to what she did, is just further evidence that the GOP talking heads need to get a grip.

  7. Mom101 Says:

    And yet…we’re all talking about it. Which is pretty much the goal of the Ingram, Limbaugh, Coulter and their fathead ilk.

    (What? I said fathead.)

  8. BAC Says:

    Excellent … I will definitely share this with others.


  9. Daisy Says:

    There’s the gender double standard, too. An overweight man can be considered successful, but an overweight or even average weight woman will catch grief for not getting or maintaining a supermodel figure.
    A close friend may lose her daughter to anorexia. The whole body image crisis hits very close to home right now.

  10. Ilina Says:

    Women attacking women. Yup, that’s really gonna boost us all. We need to re-examine this issue as a culture. I have a friend who died of anorexia when we were 16. She was a chunky kid who lost her baby fat later than everyone else. Nothing about her was fat. Society made her think she was fat and unattractive. Meghan is in no way overweight. Get real, folks.

  11. Virginia Says:

    I’m against this whole damn campaign and you can just kiss my fat ass. And so can everyone else. #KMFA indeed.

  12. The12thLetter Says:

    i commend ms. banks whole heartedly and am happy that you posted it this peice.

    what does it say to our young women who are struggling to come up in the game when their worth is only valued by what their measurements are rather than their accomplishments?

    <3 the literature and thought patters here! i'm new to your site and was wondering about your career. i read that you're a lawyer? what city do you live in?

  13. JCK Says:

    It’s revolting and mind boggling to me that this is happening. KMFA, indeed.

  14. Romi Says:

    hey there – I was sitting on jury duty with The View on in the background and i just loved that megan mccain and tweeted KISS MY FAT ASS as fast as i could. Must say I really enjoyed her throughout the entire campaign…just imagined her with a different last name!

  15. judy in ky Says:

    Did Ann Coulter really refer to herself as “young and pretty”? Is she blind?

  16. Caroline aka Morningside Mom Says:

    Been busy tweeting and FBing this. #KMFA Perfect. Yes. Finally. Why can’t women debate the issues without LOOKS always coming into play? Enough. Putting foot down. Right behind you with this.

  17. Mommy Melee Says:

    Whaaaaaat? She’s fat?

    She’s GORGEOUS.



    No one is critiquing the dudes. Sigh.

  18. Ashley Says:

    This takes me back to my dissertation-writing days. Thank you for reminding me why I became a feminist & a public speaker in the first place. #KMFA!

  19. Jennifer H Says:

    Just used #KMFA for the first time when I tweeted this post.

    You nailed this.

  20. Tracy Says:


  21. WineWonkette Says:


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