Weighing in on Rush Limbaugh

Sat, March 14, 2009

Moms & Politics

Sorry, I couldn’t help myself with that title. Does Limbaugh remind you of Jabba the Hut these days or is it just me?

Anyway, some of my bloggy sistas have already eloquently weighed in on the Newsweek cover story by another uber-conservative David Frum on whether the Rush Limbaugh as de facto head of the Republican party is a good thing for conservatives and what the GOP’s embrace of Limbaugh is doing to the party.

Frum makes a good case for why Limbaugh is bad for the GOP from the right winger’s standpoint. But my question is this — will they listen?

It sure seems like conservatives are paying more attention to Limbaugh these days and I have to wonder why? What are they afraid of? What magic spell has Limbaugh and his ilk cast on the party? How has he convinced them that compromise and goodwill are bad things to have in those who govern?

And if Limbaugh is the potential beginning of the end of GOP conservatives as Frum seems to suggest, then why doesn’t someone step in and do something about it? It’s certainly fine with me if the right-wingers want to follow Limbaugh into the wilderness, but doing that seems to be against their own interests, at least if they want to get more Republicans elected in today’s political climate. It’s just not logical.

But I guess fear isn’t logical, and that’s the magic to Limbaugh’s ways. Fear. Toss the word “liberal” around as if it’s synonymous with the devil and you get some people’s attention.

As much as we detest his cigars and his Oxycontin, many are still afraid to ignore him because they view him as some sort of standard bearer. Limbaugh has used his bully pulpit to convince people that somehow everything bad that happened during 43′s tenure was the Democrats’ fault. People cling to Limbaugh (and O’Reilly and Fox News and Coulter and Malkin) as some sort of vestige of their glory days.

And, hey, that’s OK with me. As long as the Democrats can put together plans with actual details and can make them work while the Limbaughs of the world (and the Boehners and Cantors) just go on the attack without substance, we should be be OK. People are smart enough to have figured out by now that all the GOP has in its arsenal is using the “L” word and trying to make people believe that the sorry state of our country is because Barack Obama has been our president for the last 50-odd days, and not because of the ineptitude of George W. Bush.

One thing that Frum doesn’t address in his article is the role of the main stream media in elevating Limbaugh to his king status. If CNN and others didn’t give open-to-close coverage to things like the CPAC conference, where Limbaugh and others get free coverage for their vitriole, maybe it would be easier for them to fade from public view.

I was a tad offended by Frum’s implication in the article that women voted for Obama because he is “an apparently devoted husband and father.” But the good news is that kind of paternalistic view of women and offensive justification for Obama being in the White House is just another reason why the GOP will continue to lose support, even if they can make Limbaugh pack up his cigars and his microphone and leave the GOP alone.

Maybe, as Al Franken suggested a few years ago, Rush Limbaugh is still a big fat idiot.

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6 Responses to “Weighing in on Rush Limbaugh”

  1. OldWestMom Says:

    I love your post on this. I’m likewise baffled in this recent phenomenon regarding Limbaugh. I have never understood why people listen to a word the man says, but many do and to each his own.

    What startles me is that it would seem his loyal audience will follow him right off the cliff, in grand lemur fashion. It doesn’t seem very American-like to me, when our country was founded on principles that would suggest we should be questioning and not blindly following the loudest talking head.

    I agree that I have no problem watching this play out, but it hurts me a little. Liberal or conservative, we are all in this together. It’s a shame to watch good people get hurt.

  2. mothergoosemouse Says:

    Really, that’s what baffles me about his legions of fans: they don’t realize (or if they do, they don’t care) that Limbaugh is one factor driving people out of the GOP. There’s no room for us anymore.

    I get the feeling that the GOP considers it good riddance that people like me have left the party. You don’t toe the line, we don’t want you.

    About Frum’s statement on women voter’s trust in Obama – I viewed it differently. The GOP likes to pride itself on family values, but Obama personifies those values.

  3. PunditMom Says:

    I know this is pie in the sky, but I keep wondering what could happen if progressive and conservative women could find common ground — and tell these blowhards like Limbaugh to get out of our way while we try to do something constructive!

  4. TX Poppet Says:

    Idiot like a Fox. get it? Fox like fox news? No? OK then.

    Limbaugh is a businessman. He makes his living by being paid to talk. The best way to drum up business is by being in demand. He is in demand because he says outrageous things in an outrageous way.

    What he says is inconsequential as long as he can appear shocking enough to be noticed by mainstream media and get his face out there.

    My grandaddy would have called him a snake oil salesman and just turned his tele to PBS news. that’s what his grandaughter does.

  5. Jeni Says:

    Probably long before Al Franken said it, I’ve always believed Rush Limbaugh to be a big fat idiot. How people can listen to him and his obscene drivel is beyond me – and many of those who listen and love his words are folks I would consider to be highly intelligent too but boy, their theories about him really do baffle me.

  6. Kelley Irish Says:

    Oh my goodness great minds think alike. I recently blogged about this myself. Rush and Fox news were responsible for me changing political parties. I now call myself a born again Democrat http://weebitofblarney.blogspot.com/

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