10 Reasons Mothers are More Political in 2009

As I discovered last year by reading a lot of blogs, and from the wonderful essays all my Mothers of Intention contributors wrote, moms are a lot more political than the we get credit for. Politicians think they know us and give us labels that make it easier for them to find pat stump speeches they are convinced will appeal to the stereotype they’ve devised.

If politicos and future candidates really want to know how to get our votes, it’s not rocket science. Instead of yammering at us, take a minute to read and to listen. I know that’s not their forte, so I’m going to make it easy for those establishment types.

In one convenient post, here are ten reasons mothers have become more political in 2009:

1. Issues are important, but there are still plenty of us invested in seeing a woman president before we die. Really. But she has to be qualified.

2. We’re tired of candidates who mix religion and politics. Please don’t pander. Some of us are devout and others are still sorting out our spiritual lives. But we’re smart enough to know when you cross the line and try to combine the two.

3. We want all mothers to have quality, affordable child care. You’re not giving it to us and we will elect people who feel the same way we do.

4. We want you to know we really do pay attention to the candidates’ positions and who they are as people.

5. We’ve got well thought out opinions and we want you to pay attention to them instead of just giving us a virtual pat on the head and taking our votes for granted.

6. We know the importance of local politics. And we’re getting in on the ground floor.

7. It’s time to stop messing around with health insurance.

8. We’ve always been political. You just weren’t paying attention.

9. Our kids’ futures.

10. We’re tired of all the men pundits getting all the coverage. No matter how good they are, if you’re not listening to women, you’re not getting the whole story.

So for candidates running in 2010 and beyond, here’s your primer on what to think about when you’re trying to win that all-important mom vote. Print it out, laminate it and tuck it into your wallet. Just don’t come up with any more cute monikers for mothers who are up on their political news like soccer moms and security moms.

Those tags are a tad condescending and they make us a little testy!

Thanks to Problogger for this Day #2 prompt of his 31-Day project!

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8 Responses to “10 Reasons Mothers are More Political in 2009”

  1. Andrew Altenburg Says:

    Nice, great list! Congrats on a successful post! :)

  2. April Says:

    Brava! You spoke for this mother brilliantly!

  3. Sam Grace Says:

    Great post! I think number one is very important. Although I’m not a mother (yet, anyhow), I agree with that point entirely.

  4. Claus D jensen Says:

    Great list blog post!
    Good job!

    I’m in the Better Blog Challenge too!

    Claus D Jensen,

    PS: Clicked some of your interesting Adsense Adds! :-)

  5. winecat Says:

    Well spoken PunditMom. Now we just have to teach the candidates to read : )

  6. David Says:


  7. MLB Says:

    You missed one of the biggest for me – family leave. FMLA was a nice start, certainly better than nothing, but when federal employees have no paid maternity leave and the only thing you are legally entitled to is a few weeks of unpaid leave (provided your employer is covered under FMLA) the situation is shockingly bad and places families in dire economic straits. Family leave policies also directly impact child care options and breastfeeding decisions.

    But otherwise, great list!

  8. PunditMom Says:

    I knew I would miss some … I think there can be many more “Top 10″ lists … perhaps make it a Top 100?

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