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Mon, June 15, 2009

Mothers of Intention

Welcome to this week’s installment of Mothers of Intention. This week, my special guest is one of my fellow MOMocrats and world adventurer Jen from one plus two. Jen and her family moved to the jungle recently to pursue their dream of sustainable living. Jen and her family haven’t been there long, but they’ve already encountered some bumps along the way. That hasn’t stopped her, though, from reaching out to others. Jen, thanks so much for letting me cross-post this essay from your blog about your efforts to bring a tiny bit of the good fortune we have in America to children near your new home.


I took [my daughter] M to visit my artist friend who teachers in a neighboring village. She is a prominent artist in the West. But here, her art classes are taught in a building that looks like this. It’s adjacent to the village school which might actually look worse than this.

I didn’t realize M would get to participate but she did. She jumped right in with the other kids and learned to make a shadow puppet. The kids here work on the floor or on simple benches inside this dirty, hot building but they don’t complain because this is the only art class to be found.

After the puppets were finished the kids put on a show. M is waiting her turn while watching some of the bigger kids perform. Their stories are a bit jumbled but there is much laughter and some shyness, they aren’t used to performing like this. The benches can double as work tables, an extremely creative use of simple pieces of wood. M is very proud of her puppet and was even allowed to bring it home with her. Her puppet, by the way, is an apple. She performed with the teacher who used a horse puppet. Of course, the horse ate the apple. Smart horse.

After the class I cajoled my artist friend again and asked her to bring her talent to the kids in our village and she agreed to come for a month over summer but said we have to provide the art supplies because she’s already out of pocket with her current work. But it means that the kids in our village will get a chance to exercise their own potential, so that kids like G can come and learn. I remind her again about G, about how much he could benefit from her lessons and she tells me to show her a child who could not benefit from art and I had to agree.

The below picture is of G and M, practicing their art at my dining room table. He still comes round almost every day.

When I told him about the art class his grin was wide and sweet. I come too? He asked. Well of course, G. This class is for you.

Thanks so much, Jen, for being this week’s Mother of Intention!

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2 Responses to “Mothers of Intention — Jen of one plus two, If You Build It They Will Come”

  1. Mike Mansfield Says:

    Having an opinion never goes out of style. True.

    My Mom had something she often said that I appreciated, "I may not always be right; but I ALWAYS have an opinion."

    It was usually a right opinion, too.

  2. jen Says:

    thank you, love.

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