World Population Day & Global Maternal Health

Sat, July 11, 2009


We’re so luck in our country to have access to amazing health care (even as we discuss what we can do to make things better) and to information that allows mothers to be healthy and have healthy pregnancies and children.  But so many around the world aren’t that lucky —

My friend David at It’s Not a Lecture reminded me that Saturday, July 11 is World Population Day — a day to think about how we can promote family planning and maternal health around the world and to remember that promoting this agenda is really about more than women, it’s about helping the global economy, as well.

So when the ultra-conservatives give the president a hard time about lifting the global gag rule imposed under George Bush, let’s think about why the whole spectrum of family planning services should be available around the world.

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4 Responses to “World Population Day & Global Maternal Health”

  1. Snag Says:

    Fellow readers,

    This is a film that you can watch online for free. Very relevant to us. It’s called “George,” about “an exceptionally intelligent and moving documentary that explores Corra’s twelve year old autistic son George, who uses his own video camera to make a movie within the movie. In fact, the film is about how we define normalcy.” Watch it here!

  2. Aaron Says:

    Here is another film about maternal health, specifically maternal mortality during childbirth. The film is produced by PBS WIDE ANGLE and highlights a program in Mozambique that is drastically cutting childbirth deaths. It’s called “Birth of a Surgeon” and was nominated today for an Emmy. You can check it out at: or see the clip below:

  3. Backpacking Dad Says:

    Wow, the site looks fantastic. It’s very sleak and jouranlism-y.

  4. Dana Says:

    I love the new site design! So professional and like Backpacking Dad said, sleek!

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