Best of PunditMom Week — $27 Election Revolution

Sometimes, you’ve just got to step away from the computer.  So for me, that’s what I’m doing this week!  So enjoy some of my past favorites while I go through blogosphere detox!


That’s my new mantra.

A while back, I read Melinda Henneberger’s book, If They Only Listened to Us: What Women Voters Want Men to Hear.

As she was promoting her book, Henneberger quoted a statistic in one article that if every woman who voted in the 2006 national elections had contributed just $27 to any presidential candidate or party, we would pour $1.3 billion dollars into the political system.

Mm-hmm. That’s billion with a ‘b.’

Women are really good at networking and writing and expressing our views. We’ve got blogs and podcasts and we’re not afraid to use them. Whether we like it or not, though, we’re apparently really bad at doing the one thing that makes the most difference in electing politicians who represent our views — giving money.

As I read Henneberger’s book, I thought perhaps a better question was, “Why don’t they listen?” The answer, unfortunately, is an easy one. We’re happy to spring for the fancy lattes or the latest cute shoes. We don’t hesitate to spend a few bucks on cocktails or the most recent cinematic experience. And it’s easy to complain that no one is listening.

But when it comes down to digging out a little spare change from our wallets, women are more reticent.

We are now down to one candidate for each party in this presidential campaign, so I’m calling on everyone to put this theory into action. To help me, my excellent gal pal and fellow MOMocrat Lawyer Mama put her mad techy skillz into action and made this:

PunditMom Change

So I’m launching PunditMom’s $27 Election Revolution.

I’m asking each of you to think about cutting back on the Starbucks just a little bit and contribute $27 to the candidate or political party of your choice. It doesn’t have to be John McCain or Barack Obama. It doesn’t even have to be a presidential candidate -- there are plenty of candidates running for national and local offices who could use a little extra cash to get out their messages.

If we pool our money, so much the better. But imagine what our $1.3 billion dollars would do, even as individual contributions, to increase the volume of our political voices. Even the GOP would have to sit up and take notice of the issues we think are important.

It’s time, ladies (and you guys, too!). Let’s take back the political process and use it for our benefit. What else would you be spending that $27 on anyway — this?

Plus, if you send me an E-mail letting me know that you’ve contributed $27 to any candidate or political party of your choice, I’ll send you the html for this lovely little button!    Come on, you know you want one!

Let’s start this revolution together!

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  1. Daisy Says:

    This post impressed me enough to write a check for $54 to a local condidate; $27 each for me and my 22-year-old daughter. If you’re wondering, “our” candidate won in November.

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