Can You Touch Freedom?

Tue, September 29, 2009

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Even though we live in the shadow of the nation’s capital, we don’t take advantage of all the things it has to offer as often as we should.

But on a sunny, warm fall day, we headed out to tool around the monuments and found ourselves at one of the lovelier and out-of-the way monuments — the one built to honor Franklin Roosevelt.  The amount of land devoted to this memorial is amazing.  There is a section for each of the four terms served by F.D.R.

PunditGirl, at nine, is a little young to know who he was or what he did or stood for.  But as we were wandering, I noticed she couldn’t resist reaching up to touch the letters — the letters that spell “Freedom.”  So many memorials and monuments are beautiful, but not accessible in this way.  The F.D.R. Memorial invites visitors to touch and feel the stone used to create this quiet, yet powerful space.

Freedom is sometimes an intangible thing.  But at this secluded spot near the heart of the craziness of Washington, D.C., you can touch freedom and all that it stands for.

FDR Memorial 8

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