Maybe Health Insurance Companies are Just Misunderstood

Maybe I’ve been too hasty in my opposition to insurance companies!

If only this didn’t hit the nail on the head, I could laugh.

As I’m getting ready for the Type A Mom Conference this weekend, I know I’m relying on videos more than usual.  But these are really good ones!

If you’re at the conference, I can’t wait to meet you.  I’ll be on two panels — one on tapping into your political side even on your personal blog, and one with Angela English on The Blogging Payoff:  Understanding the Longview.  I’m sure there will be some live-tweeting, so I’ll keep you posted!

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4 Responses to “Maybe Health Insurance Companies are Just Misunderstood”

  1. Jo Says:

    If only this didn’t hit the nail on the head, I could laugh.

    Ughhh, that’s EXACTLY the problem.

  2. Chris Wysocki Says:

    Yes, damn those insurance companies for making money while providing a service people actually want!

    You wanna talk overpaid? Will Ferrell got $20,000,000 each for Bewitched and Talladega Nights. No one who pocketed $20 million for any movie, let alone those two clunkers, has any right to complain about overpaid execs.

  3. sheena Says:

    Seriously. Why do we bitch nonstop about how much the usually 50+ executive-villians-of-the-week (insurance execs right now, banking execs a year ago, oil execs, not too long ago, and Wal-Mart execs always) make when they have worked a lifetime and taken serious risk to do it, but an actor or an athlete or a model can get paid fortunes in their twenties and thirties without anyone raising an eyebrow?

  4. PunditMom Says:

    Insurance company executives haven’t taken any risk — their shareholders do. And when the companies tank, the CEO’s still walk away with big salaries and bonuses. As for athletes, etc., I bitch about them, too — but they’re not denying people health care.

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