Michelle Obama “Action Figure?”

Tue, October 13, 2009

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obama action figure

I might buy the dresses (I actually do own the black and white number!), but I’m not sure what you’d do with a First Lady “action figure.”

Apparently there’s been no comment from the White House.  Guess it’s safe to assume that Malia & Sasha won’t be getting these in their Christmas stockings?

Now, if  someone would come up with a Nancy Pelosi action figure!  This one isn’t a very good likeness and we need one who could take on the Joe Wilson and Sarah Palin likenesses.

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5 Responses to “Michelle Obama “Action Figure?””

  1. Mom101 Says:

    Um, someone missed the hotness that is Michelle. Even if they did get the dresses right.

  2. PunditMom Says:

    The biceps are certainly lacking. But is an action figure supposed to be “hot?” ;)

  3. Chris Wysocki Says:

    My personal favorite was the Walter Mondale action figure – wind him up and he walks into walls.

  4. Daisy Says:

    They made an attempt at the Michelle smile, but the aura is definitely missing. It looks like they used Barbie proportions instead of Real Woman.


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