I am Not a Pre-Existing Condition

The National Women’s Law Center has made today a national day of action to call on our lawmakers to demand that they get rid of the ridiculous inequities in the health care system that impact women, calling their campaign “I am Not a Pre-existing Condition.”

A couple of weeks ago, I shared my story about domestic violence and wondered what would have happened if I had needed care and had been turned away, as many women are, musing with only half-hearted humor that soon just being alive would be considered a pre-existing condition.

We’re really not so far away from that today.  Please take a moment today to share your story about health care or health insurance disparities and also to contact Congress to make sure that the 95 percent of insurance companies that practice gender rating on policies stop and charge women the same amount they charge men for the identical coverage.

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One Response to “I am Not a Pre-Existing Condition”

  1. Sabrina Says:

    While under Tricare (military health insurance) I visited my Tricare approved doctor for my yearly gynecological “tune-up.” Since I was recently discharged and soon to lose my Tricare coverage I decided to go ahead and get the usual testing I got while I was a military member. When I asked to be tested for HIV (a yearly requirement while in the Navy) as well as testing for the usual STD’s, the doctor and his nurse looked at me like I was a dirty whore. They asked me if I had recently been exposed, I replied, “No, but I am sexually active and I prefer to be proactive as opposed to reactive.” The doctor and his nurse still looked at me like I was either a) lying about possible exposure or b) crazy.

    I’ve discovered that most women get the same treatment at a majority of healthcare facilities, at least here in the South. I think that women who wish to be proactive with their reproductive/sexual health should be made to feel like whores or like what they are doing is wrong. Never should your doctor look at you in such an aghast manner. It’s humiliating, degrading and upsetting, to say the least.

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