I Want to Host the Hillary/Sarah Coffee Klatsch

As she’s hawking her forthcoming book, Going Rogue, Sarah Palin says she ‘s open to a sit down with Hillary Clinton!

You say that’ll never happen?  They’re too far apart on the issues?  I don’t know — they both probably feel like the brakes were put on their political careers by Barack Obama.  They’re both moms and they’ve both worked hard to get to where they are today. Granted, Hillary Clinton has gone the more traditional route of getting an Ivy League education and serving at least one full term for a high-profile elective office, but I’d pay big money to be a part of a Hillary/Sarah sit down.

Actually, I think I should host it!

Living in the shadow of the nation’s capital, I’m close enough to the State Department that Hillary’s car could get here here pretty quickly on any given day.  And Palin is going to be nearby — she’s got a book tour stop in Roanoke, Virginia on November 22.  I know I’m a couple of hours away, but if she needs a place to stay, I’ve got a pretty nice guest room with its own private bath.  Just ask a couple of my friendsThey seemed to like the accommodations!

So the invitation is extended.  I’ve hosted some nice events before, so I think I can pull this off.  A little coffee, some cookies prepared by PunditGirl and, if the weather is still nice, we can sit on the deck in the backyard!

The invitation is issued and open, ladies!  I know a lot of women who would have some questions for you and would die to hear what you both have to chat about.  Come on.  You know you want to.  You just need a nice, private place like my backyard to make it happen!

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9 Responses to “I Want to Host the Hillary/Sarah Coffee Klatsch”

  1. Gloria Feldt Says:

    You go, Joanne! I just want a front row seat :-)

  2. BAC Says:

    I can help serve the coffee!

  3. Debbie Owensby Moore Says:

    Oh, to be a fly on the wall if ever the two shall meet!

  4. sumana Says:

    Invite me.. pleeeeeeeease…….

  5. amy Says:

    Oh my gosh, YES!! You’re the perfect person for it!! You get my vote for sure. I can barely wait to see today’s Oprah that I’ve got dvr’d….did she hold her own w/ Oprah? (gasp!) The suspense is killing me!

  6. PunditMom Says:

    Hold her own? Hard to call it that. Pretty much everything was a softball, and even then you can’t say that Palin really answered anything. She was there to talk about her agenda and badmouth the McCain campaign and the liberal media, especially Katie Couric.

  7. PunditMom Says:

    Sorry, meant to put “Liberal Media” in quotes!

  8. Daisy Says:

    Go for it! Come on, women, go to PunditMom’s for an interview! I’d bring the coffee if I lived nearby.


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