Shop for Anissa Day — December 10

Thu, December 10, 2009

Changing the World

anissa mayhewOne of the most fabulous things about the blogosphere is that when bloggy friends need something, we all pull together.

One of the most fabulous women and mothers blogging, Anissa Mayhew, recently suffered a terrible stroke. I have known her online for a while, especially on Twitter, but only recently got to meet her in person at the Type-A Mom conference. She’d never met me, but she had a big hug and warm greeting for me, and we promised we’d get to know each other better in real life.

While she is improving, the road ahead is a long one.  I know a little about that since one of my relatives suffered a severe head injury almost two years ago.  He is doing quite well now, but I know that the road to recovery and rehabilitation on something that’s related to the brain can be bumpy, strenuous and exhausting for the patient and the family.

So today, many of Anissa’s friends who have online businesses are hosting a Shop for Anissa day, where a portion of the profits will go to help Anissa and her family as she works on her recovery and give them a little financial breathing room as they sort out the hospitals, rehab centers and treatments that lie ahead.

I don’t usually ask people for anything here at PunditMom, but this one is important.  One of the most rewarding things I have received from experiences in the blogosphere has been the genuine kindness and support so many have offered me in so many ways.  The least I can do is try to convince you to do a little holiday shopping to help this amazing woman.

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2 Responses to “Shop for Anissa Day — December 10”

  1. penny experiment Says:

    That is a wonderful approach to take. I have a friend that also suffered thrugh a head injury and it takes a lot of time and effort to recover. I wish her the best and glad that she has a group of friends online that care about her.

  2. sumana Says:

    It’s wonderful , I think, many people are shopping anyways for the holidays, so why not for a cause..

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