A Little Light Reading!

Fri, January 22, 2010

Democrats, Economy, Republicans, Women in Politics

stack of booksWhile I’m trying to get some book writing work down today, here’s some excellent reading — I just wish I had some time to weigh in on all these right now!

– Why the Game Change guys who want you to believe that Elizabeth Edwards is a crazy bitch are wrong.

– Who knew Cindy McCain had it in her to publicly support gay marriage? Bet that will make for some fun dinner conversation with John.

– The Supreme Court has handed our political system over to our biggest corporations. I am hoping the Founding Fathers will be haunting SCOTUS Chief Justice John Roberts for a long time to come (so much for his claim not to be an activist judge).  And HEY, right-wingers — you don’t like activist judges! Why aren’t you all upset?!

– HAH!  Take THAT Timothy Geithner and Larry Summers!

As Linda Richman would say, “Discuss!”

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3 Responses to “A Little Light Reading!”

  1. Daisy Says:

    Elizabeth Edwards is an amazingly strong woman. Doubts? None.

    Cindy McCain publically supported gay marriage? There’s hope for the Stepford Wife-type woman after all; maybe she does have a brain to go with the beauty!

  2. Gayle Says:

    Like you, I wanted him to be president but it was more about Elizabeth than him. But I am troubled by the reports that she may have wanted the truth withheld as well (although I don’t know how reliable they are). All the more sad because of what might have been…compared to what is now. I am not a political person but I am very discouraged right now about the present administration.


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