Am I Angrier at Martha Coakley or the Democratic Party?

Sun, January 17, 2010

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brown coakleyI feel that I should write something thoughtful and analytical about the state of  race in Massachusetts to fill the Senate seat of the late Ted Kennedy.  But I’m too angry.

Massachusetts Democrats blew a 30 percent lead to a Republican in a pick-up truck? Really?

If this isn’t a huge lesson in taking voters for granted, I don’t know what is.  Martha Coakley should have been on top of this, but the whole Democratic party should have, as well.  Harry Reid knew we needed that one vote in the Senate.  The DNC knew it.  President Obama knew it.

Yes, we all knew it.

Yet here we are, three days out with the pick-up truck guy ready to buy his ticket for Washington, D.C.

If Coakley loses because the Democratic party was enjoying its blissful ignorance, I think it may be time to start a party of my own.

And don’t even get me started again on Harold Ford and his status as a Democrat.

Who’s in?

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13 Responses to “Am I Angrier at Martha Coakley or the Democratic Party?”

  1. Elizabeth Says:

    Why are you so bitter about people who drive pick up trucks?

  2. PunditMom Says:

    Elizabeth — I think you’re missing the point.

  3. Elizabeth Says:

    Ok, enlighten me. What is your point?

  4. margalit Says:

    Just stood outside for HOURS at a pro-Coakley rally and I can’t stand the woman. You need a real understanding of MA politics to get why Dems aren’t really thrilled about Martha. She’s a political hack from way back when, and she’s honestly nothing to get excited about. Dems like me are holding their noses when we vote for her.

    Brown’s problem isn’t only that he drives a pickup truck and is so proud of it he featured it in his first commercial. He’s a dyed in the wool tea party republican with Wall Street connections in his back pocket, a love of Bush ideology to feed the wealthy at the expense of the poor, and to forget women have rights. Any rights. He’s scary, and yet he appeals to the Tea Party Republicans who espouse all that crap about too much government.

    Today at the rally at N’eastern U was a Brown supporter that was as stupid as some of the Obama Haters/Palin Lovers from pre-presidential election videos. She was yelling how voting for Scott Brown would preserve the police and fire departments and didn’t even know that a FEDERALLY held Senate seat had nothing to do with local funding of police and fire. I suggested that she might go back to second grade and learn some civics. She was just one of a few hundred Brown supporters that didn’t know their ass from their elbows.

    Fortunately the number of Coakley supporters WAY outnumbered the Brown dolts. Thank God.

    Don’t write off the election yet. It’s close, but we’re a Democratic State and I find it hard to believe that people will give away Kennedy’s seat to a redneck moron.

    A girl can always hope.

  5. Lisse Says:

    Scott Brown had a lot of grass roots who really don’t care who he is, but are energized against Obama. The employed what I called “the Ron Paul” strategy, which involved mentioning his name and asking people to vote for him in every single issue article in the online Globe. There was no one to do that for Coakley, because Coakley did not stick her neck out.

    I wrote this a week ago. Instead of electing the strong, experienced Democrat (Capuano), or one of the more independent ones (Pagliuca or Khazei), we elected the one whose “turn” it was. Well, that’s how we got Mitt Romney as a governor, giving him a national platform to come back and haunt us in 2012.

  6. Chicky Chicky Baby Says:

    Believe me when I say, you’re not the only one angry. Disgusted is more like it.

  7. Shannon Drury Says:

    A woman who had cheesecake photos in her past wouldn’t have had a prayer running for dog catcher, let alone U.S. Senator.

    For the record, I’m mad at everybody.

  8. deborahlquinn Says:

    The perfect irony of today, just one short year after the Inaugural, watching all that hope crash down on Teddy K’s grave. Teddy, for all his flaws, would’ve been out there stumping till the last vote was cast; he wouldn’t have rested on his party laurels, while MC simply assumed that as a Dem she’d win,clearly having forgotten that old saying: that “assume” makes an ass of U and ME. And now she’s blaming the White House for her loss. Truly, a class act. Well played, Martha, well played. Should we all start sending you our hospital bills?

  9. PunditMom Says:

    Margalit, thanks for the background information. I had heard that, and that is another problem the Democratic party as a whole should have focused on. Maybe we can keep our fingers crossed that by the time Brown’s short Senate term is finished, there will be some better choices for Massachusetts voters?

  10. annie Says:

    Coakley wasn’t much of a candidate. The Dems should have been more on top of the local people’s mood.

    Brown appealed to the frustration and fear. He played people and he won. That’s the Republican way. And it doesn’t hurt that most people’s lives revolve around a very small geographical area, which means they know little and care even less about the lives of people outside their circle.

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