“Send the Men Home” — Is it Sexist if It’s True?

Wed, January 27, 2010

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How can we get health care done?  Easy, if you believe some women in Congress:

I heard about Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter’s (D-N.H.) comments before they hit the mainstream media yesterday, thanks to XM Radio channel POTUS (Politics of the United States!) — send the men home and we just might  get health care reform done!

The poor congresswoman is taking all sorts of flack now for that comment with Republican men crying, “SEXISM!”  But is it sexist if it’s true?

If both Democratic and Republican women are having chats in the ladies’ rooms of Congress and really are rolling their eyes about the men who can’t seem to agree on anything, then there’s probably some truth to her point.

For the most part, women are the ones dealing with care-giving issues for children, parents, in-laws, sisters,  and extended family.  How can lawmakers really weigh in on what’s needed to address these issues unless they’ve got first-hand experience with some of them?  Of course, there are some men who take responsibility for these issues, but it’s a pretty safe bet that most men in Congress, given the generations they are from, have not been the primary person in their families taking on these issues.  And until you’ve lived those experiences, it’s easy to have conversations about the more abstract issues of health care legislation (and how to keep your insurance company campaign contributors happy) than it is if you’re the one who’s had to deal with insurance companies denying coverage for needed medical care, watch family members be denied coverage or figure out if what little money they have is going to be spent for medicine or food.

So Shea-Porter is taking fire from the GOP who claims she should be focused on getting legislation passed to help her constituents instead of making what they’ve called inappropriate remarks.  I think that’s exactly what she’s doing.  It must be hard for the men on Capitol Hill to hear the truth.  But they can’t escape it by trying to call it sexist. And last time I checked, truth was an absolute defense!

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8 Responses to ““Send the Men Home” — Is it Sexist if It’s True?”

  1. Just Margaret Says:

    Sexist-schmexist!! Women are the oppressed gender in sexism, so by definition, calling her sexist is ridiculous. That aside, Shea-Porter makes a valid point. She’s not a DC insider, she’s a NH woman, mother, daughter, and she’s far more in tune with what those of us living a day-to-day life in NH than anyone I can think of. It’s time for congress to freakin’ work together, and not go all wah-baby over finding an appropriate health care solution. Momentarily, they’re complaining about her so-called sexist remarks…that’s OK because they’ll soon just return to doing exactly what she’s called them out for in the first place.


  2. Kevin Says:

    Get it through your thick skull: men, women, children….NOBODY WITH AN OUNCE OF INTELLGIENCE WANTS OBAMACARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    It has nothing to do with men or women and everything to do with avoiding the government takeover of our healthcare industry.

    Do I have to say it a third time, or are you ignoramuses pretty clear on it now?

  3. Juli Ryan Says:

    Kevin, posts like yours make YOU sound ignorant. A great many of us still believe that health care reform is important and necessary. It is not a “takeover of the healthcare industry”, as you put it. Rather, an effort to help over 30 million uninsured Americans and reign in costs.

  4. Daisy Says:

    Kevin, generalizations like yours are very, very wrong. Many of my students have no insurance, no way to get vaccines, no care if they get sick. Most of their parents are the working poor; people who want to work but are underemployed.

  5. winecat Says:

    Kevin, have you read any of the polls lately, PEOPLE WANT HEALTHCARE REFORM. It’s time to stop the insurance companies robbing us blind with premiums we can barely afford and then refuse to provide care.

  6. KPH Says:

    While I do think that women absolutely can be sexist towards men (mothers insisting that male infants are circumcised, violating their right to only have cosmetic surgery with their consent, yet advocate against female-genital-mutilation, etc.), I do most cerainly believe that women have long since the begining of patriarchy been the opressed. Not only would sending our troops home press for health care, it would also reduce the WOMEN not mentioned in our military that are suffering a gastly rape epidemic. Speaking the truth about how our government doesn’t care about the evils imposed on women and their families is NOT sexist, it is merely a truth that is to hard for people to bear… when it is aimed directly at them.

  7. KPH Says:

    To quote a dead duck:

    “KEVIN”… shut up!


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