PunditMom & MojoMom Collaborate!

A few months back, Amy Tiemann — you might know her better as MojoMom — asked me to participate in a book project on becoming more confident in how we parent our children.  Now, I’m no parenting expert, but she asked if I would contribute something on becoming political parents and how we can navigate our somewhat treacherous political world with our kids.

Well, the book is almost here and Amy & I had a little chat about it, as well as the state of our political world today (you knew we couldn’t help ourselves) — at her MojoMom podcast!

The book, entitled Courageous Parents, Confident Kids, will be available soon as a free e-download!  I’m hoping to have the widget on my site soon, but you can also check it out at Amy’s site!  And, of course, if you’re like me, you’ll want an actually hard copy book in your hands, and that will be coming soon!

Now, back to work on my book!  ;)

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One Response to “PunditMom & MojoMom Collaborate!”

  1. amy @teachmama Says:

    waaaa-hoooo!!! Cannot wait to check it out! Congrats to both of you!!

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