FOX & Friends Ponders Supreme Court Moms

As you may know, I’ve been wondering for a while whether we ought to have a mother of young children as one of the next Associate Justices of the Supreme Court. I was happy to have a bit of a “debate” on FOX & Friends about the subject, though I think I didn’t get quite as much air time as my conservative rival!

What do you think? Do perspective and diversity make a difference on the high court?

For me, it’s a little naive to say that our personal experiences and perspectives don’t — or shouldn’t — impact how laws are interpreted.  After all, those same views impact how the laws are written in the first place.  And do we really think the Founding Fathers contemplated working motherhood?  I’m sure that would have given them a good laugh, but I have to ask — how can laws regarding equal pay and gender discrimination be considered by courts and judges as the “Framers intended” when the Constitution was written by slave owners and people who thought the idea of women voting was as funny as we find Conan O’Brien today?

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