The BP/Gulf Coast Disaster is a Big Wake-Up Call

I’m having a hard time believing everything I’m hearing from BP and the never-ending oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Those who are critics of regulation and fans of the ‘free enterprise will take care of everything’ school of thought in this debate might want to think about our other recent crises.  I am over at my weekly Speaker of the House column.

But I’m not the only one wanting to expand the conversation — check out this excellent post by Deb on the Rocks about the reporting that bloggers are doing on this catastrophe — and the MSM isn’t.  Why is that?

Also, I think Rachel Maddow and her team are about the best news researchers in the business.  When BP and other oil companies claim they haven’t had time to figure out how to fix this horrible situation and that they were caught off guard, think about what happened in 1979:

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Yup.  What Rachel said.

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One Response to “The BP/Gulf Coast Disaster is a Big Wake-Up Call”

  1. Deb Rox Says:

    Caught off guard–if that isn’t the most ridiculous, disingenuous soundbite excuse ever. I have to say both federal and interstate responses are profoundly worrisome too. In the years since Katrina, funds have been invested in countless readiness plans of all sorts. We were supposed to have bolstered all of our risk assessment, communications and response mechanisms. Maddow rocks–and you do too. Hopefully people will pay attention.

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