Where in the World is PunditMom?

Fri, May 21, 2010

Democrats, Feminism, Republicans

Where am I hanging out today?  You can find me:

Pondering Sarah Palin’s claim that she’s the face of the “new” feminism at my weekly column, Speaker of the House.

Trying to get my head around the fact that two-thirds of third- and fourth graders in my community are seriously lagging in their reading skills.

Hanging with my photography peeps.

And my MOMocrat pals.

Playing with my new favorite iPhone app.

And resisting the temptation to take a match to all the unfiled paperwork on my desk!  ;)

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One Response to “Where in the World is PunditMom?”

  1. Daisy Says:

    Sarah Palin is claiming to be What?! I’m almost afraid to read it; my blood pressure my rise uncontrollably.

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