A New Way to Stop Violence Against Women — Ring the Bell

Wed, September 29, 2010

Changing the World, Feminism

I’ve talked a little bit about my personal experiences with domestic violence. Speaking out about it and doing something about violence against women, anywhere, is a subject very close to my heart.  So I was amazed at this United Nations initiative that is so simple, I can’t believe it hasn’t been talked about before –

If it saves one women or one girl, this idea is worth it.  Spread the word.  There are doorbells in America that need some ringing.

(H/T Peter Daou)

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3 Responses to “A New Way to Stop Violence Against Women — Ring the Bell”

  1. Debra Says:

    So interesting. Is this being recommended because, in lots of countries, it does no good to call the police?

  2. Shannon Drury Says:

    This is great. I will repost!

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