John Boehner & Compromise Go Together Like Bologna & Peanut Butter

Wed, November 3, 2010

Democrats, Republicans

It’s November 3, 2010 or to borrow a gimmick from Keith Olbermann, it’s the first day since our nation declared it was changing the change. Or should I say embracing the patented obstructionism of John Boehner’s Republican party?

The wave of Republican candidates that swept into office last night was not a surprise based on the political drama of the last year.  I knew there would be more red than blue on the cable news maps of America on election night.  And I expected John Boehner to end up as Speaker of the House.

What I didn’t expect was his ability to ratchet up the level of disingenuousness quite so much.

When it became clear from the midterm results that the Democrats had squandered their 2008 moment of opportunity, Boehner took the stage.  He said that he talked with President Obama about how “he [the President] will work with us.” According to one report:

Boehner’s team issued a statement on the call from Obama, saying the two had a “brief but pleasant conversation.  They discussed working together to focus on the top priorities of the American people, which Boehner has identified as creating jobs and cutting spending,” the Boehner statement said.

Wait a second.  Isn’t this the man who said a week ago that this isn’t the time for compromise? Isn’t this the guy who’s spent every waking moment (aside from his countless hours on the golf course) in recent months to find ways to stop and undermine as much of President Obama’s agenda as he could?  For Boehner and his crew, the definition of compromise isn’t found in a Merriam-Webster, it’s actually the antithesis — for his brand of Republican, compromise means stonewalling until the other guy yells “uncle.”

Even my fifth-grader isn’t fooled by that kind of “compromise” on her school playground.

I agree with my good friend Julie at The Mom Slant moderates taking a page from the Rally to Restore Sanity are key to changing the mood of how things are done in Washington.  I’m just not as optimistic as she is that I’ll see it in my lifetime because I don’t think the word “moderate” is in the current GOP playbook.

Real compromise comes with a little bit of sacrifice from both parties, and John Boehner isn’t a guy who is fond of sacrifice.  If I hear that’s he’s given up some tanning appointments to spend more time talking with (and listening to) Democratic leaders on Capitol Hill, then I’ll have a reason to think the political divide we have today can ever be bridged.

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5 Responses to “John Boehner & Compromise Go Together Like Bologna & Peanut Butter”

  1. Chris Wysocki Says:

    Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid compromised how exactly?

  2. Bob Says:

    @chris: The election is over – you can stop changing conversations to Reid and Pelosi now.

  3. Chris Wysocki Says:

    Why @Bob, did they lose? Is John Dennis the new congressman from CA-8 and did Sharron Angle’s victory make Chuck Schumer the new Senate Majority Leader?


    Then Reid and Pelosi are still part of the problem.

    FWIW, seeing Schumer’s obvious disappointment was almost worth having Angle lose to Reid. Almost.

  4. Bob Says:

    To put it in simple words, guilt by association is neither a truthful or responsible campaign tactic and you’re quite aware of that, as much as you’d like to divert our attention. I hope you’re real proud of those wins.

  5. deborah l quinn Says:

    Every time I look at John Boehner I am reminded of the story of the crocodile’s tears–the crocodile supposedly cries to make its prey curious and come closer and then…the croc gobbles it up. Usually still crying. Shudder.
    If (okay, when) the Right collapses under the weight of its false Faux-News promises, I suppose liberals will be able to say “hah hah, told you so,” to all those people who either didn’t vote or voted Tea Party…But in the meantime, we’re going to have to watch a lot of crocodile tears as a LOT of good work gets gobbled up and spit out.

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