Things I’m Thinking About That I Don’t Have Time to Write About

Mon, November 22, 2010

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Trying to balance my need to get out all my wonky thoughts and trying to get this darned manuscript off the desk while trying to keep my family obligations under control is harder than I thought.  But if I had enough time (and I hope I will soon), this is what I’d be writing about this week:

1. Some are asking whether you’d rather be groped or zapped going through airport security?  I say I’d rather be safe.

2. On the same topic, I find it odd that the same people who claim there is no First Amendment right to privacy when it comes to women’s reproductive rights contend that they have a First Amendment right to privacy when it comes to airport screening. Last time I checked, there was no constitutionally guaranteed right to get on an airplane, so I think those who are objecting are just going to have to suck it up or find another way to get to Grandma’s house for the holidays.

3. Republicans want us to think there’s no urgency for re-upping on our commitment to the START treaty because, after all, those Russians aren’t going to attack us any time soon.  They’re forgetting one little thing — the ability to make sure all those nukes (and nuke ingredients) are all accounted for isn’t so much about the Russians anymore.  It’s about making sure that the people we’re supposedly fighting in Afghanistan (and Iraq — don’t tell me we’re not really fighting there anymore) don’t get their hands on them.  When the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff says passing START now is essential to our security as a nation, one has to ask — why are the Republicans who are so hawkish every other day of the year getting all dove-y on this?   (See number 5 below).

4. The Republicans are really going to stand in the way of  Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, even though all the military brass say it’s time to move on?

5. The Republicans people elected to Congress don’t care about those who elected them — they just care about getting themselves and a Republican president elected in 2o12.  They should be careful what they wish for — they’ve created a mood in this country that’s conducive to their base coming down with the Sarah Palin flu. And there’s no vaccine for that.

6. And I think it’s cute that former First Lady Barbara Bush is trying to make sure Jebbie gets his turn at the White House.

So, your thoughts?

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One Response to “Things I’m Thinking About That I Don’t Have Time to Write About”

  1. Alicia Says:

    Joanne-yeah, the whole airport security screening thing has gotten way more press coverage than one would ever desire or hope for. Since there is nothing else to talk about – this is probably what we will be hearing about over the next week or so until after Thanksgiving. They say like 80 something % of Americans could really care less about the process-they, like you, just dont want the underwear bomber flying in the plane seat next to them!

    I think Rebublicans pick and choose the issues they want to be conservative on; that’s just something i’ve seen way too often; like the whole thing with tax cuts for the rich, while those who are unemployed (of which, there are probably almost more of than those that are wealthy)remain broke and jobless with, quite possibly, no further assistance from Congress. Priorities, Priorities….

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