Unions and Health Care: What’s a Country to Do?

What am I reading today?  Some excellent articles from around the web:

Think you understand the state vs. unions battle in Wisconsin?  You should read this piece by Connie Schultz at The Plain Dealer.

Health care reform is unconstitutional?  Well, maybe one Florida judge thinks so, but a Washington state judge says think again.

Texting may be a new tool in advocating for women’s health.

Defunding Planned Parenthood will only further compromise women’s health.

Is Rush Limbaugh really one to criticize someone else for eating ribs?

Discuss.  :)

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One Response to “Unions and Health Care: What’s a Country to Do?”

  1. Daisy Says:

    Speaking from the perspective of a Wisconsin teacher, our new governor is scary. Frightening. How on earth did 52% of our voters get fooled by him? I know I’m not the only teacher considering a change of career. Teaching is a challenging and energy-sapping job. It is difficult enough without being attacked by the governor.

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