Is It Me or Are My Allergies Really Worse?

I thought maybe I was just being a wimp in my “old age” with the whole seasonal allergy thing this year as I’ve been complaining that my sneezing seems worse than in other years.  Until all things leafy and green stop blooming, Zytec is my best friend, but I hear from my husband that the meds aren’t really helping with my alleged snoring  (I DENY IT!) that’s keeping him up at night.

But it turns out it’s not just me – others are having more allergy problems in 2011 because the pollen, in combination with worsening air quality, actually makes breathing more difficult, according to the post I was reading by my Moms Clean Air Force compatriot and activist Elisa Batista.  When she was trying to figure out why her son was struggling with his allergies, she discovered research that shows things really are getting worse because air quality itself is just plain bad.  As ozone levels (aka smog) increase, so do patient hospitalizations for respiratory problems.  So in this era of non-stop health care debates, I’d think it would make sense to look not only at how much it costs for patient care, but also at how to offset those costs by investing in the enforcement and strengthening of clean air regulations — something that would benefit all our lungs, as well as the amount of sleep our families get when all that snoring stops!

But when it comes to cleaning up the environment, sometimes it’s hard to get Congress to agree with arguments that center on “it’s better for everyone’s health,” so here’s one they might listen to — cleaning up the air could also create many new  jobs. So for those lawmakers in Washington, D.C. who claimed in the last election that job creation is their number one priority, maybe a little creative thinking can cut the unemployment numbers and cut down on my personal budget line items for tissues and eye drops!

I’m being compensated by the Environmental Defense Fund to be part of the Moms Clean Air Force, a collective effort to bring more attention to cleaning up our environment for the health of all our families.  But I think you know that if I don’t believe in something, I don’t write about.

Image by Joanne Bamberger, all rights reserved.

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3 Responses to “Is It Me or Are My Allergies Really Worse?”

  1. Brad Levinson Says:

    It’s certainly not you – I’m now taking a third daily allergy med this year. Hooray. A few years ago, I didn’t take any. You’d think the lawmakers here in DC would be sneezing and having itchy eyes too, right?

  2. PunditMom Says:

    Brad, someone left a similar comment about this on my Facebook page with the link to the this post. So if they’re all about cutting health care costs, and cleaning up the air would help do that, where’s the logic in not doing it? Oh, right — no logic in DC, only lobbyists for the polluters!

  3. Daisy Says:

    Our Wisconsin pseudo-governor wants to repeal drinking water standards. He’d fit right in with the pack. I write letters and write blog posts and protest and write letters, but nothing will happen until he is recalled and replaced with someone who can build consensus and act with the people of the state in mind.

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