Anthony Weiner Aside, Things Would Be Different if Women Ran the World

To suggest that women might make better politicians and make better decisions overall always brings out the heated arguments, but it’s a fair one to consider especially in light of the pretty bad decisions — both personal and political — our mostly male-run world has made over the course of, well, all time.

Can it ever change?

It was interesting to see a conversation about that on a morning show hosted by a woman. I was especially happy to see ABC’s Claire Shipman on this panel, who was wonderfully helpful to me in arranging some interviews for Mothers of Intention: How Women & Social Media are Revolutionizing Politics in America, and who, after reading the manuscript, provided me with one of those lovely “blurbs” for the book jacket:

Now, you know that no political talk show hosted by a man — especially the ones that usually feature all white men — are going to touch this topic with the proverbial ten foot pole.  But don’t you think it’s time we see what more women can do?  We certainly can’t do any worse than the guys who can’t control themselves on Twitter or who pay off their mistress’ husband or who get us into wars we don’t need to be in.

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2 Responses to “Anthony Weiner Aside, Things Would Be Different if Women Ran the World”

  1. Diana Says:

    You are so right about the usual news programs avoiding this topic, Joanne. And the fact that they’re not going to touch it with a ten foot pole is a major part of the problem. Because people will not come to this conclusion on their own. Our patriarchal systems are so ingrained in the way we do things few people are sitting around thinking “Gee, I wonder how women could change things.” The seed has to be planted by someone before we can move forward and find out. A very refreshing peace, it’s nice to see at least some of the mainstream media tackling a positive spin on the Weiner Fiasco.

  2. zimmy Says:

    Yes indeed, if civilization was in the hands of women, we’d still be living in caves (or trees).

    With all the complaints women have about men (thank you feminism) I find it remarkable that these same women continue to use such items as computers, autos, bridges, high rises, various electrical wonders; come to think of it, virtually everything modern society has created for women. After all, these and so much more were invented by men.

    Perhaps the world would be better run by the “girls gone wild” type women? Oh, I forgot, women aren’t like that.

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