Michele Bachmann and Me

Michele Bachmann and I had lunch together.  It’s true!  She even had these lovely Tea Party cookies!

OK, there were about 200 other people in the room, too. But we were both eating in the same place at the same time!

Bachmann was at the National Press Club and, as a member, I was lucky to snag a couple of tickets so Mr. PunditMom and I could see and hear the Tea Party powerhouse up close and personal. No, it’s not our usual kind of date, but it is part of our theory on the importance of knowing what those on the other side of the political aisle are up to.  So when one of them is in your ‘hood, why not go?

Bachmann pretty much took the opportunity to give her standard stump speech — raising the debt ceiling is bad, President Obama is bad, Ronald Reagan was a saint, Constitution, God, Americans are scared.  You’ve heard it before.

But it was at the National Press Club.  So that means questions that aren’t planted or scripted.  Heh.

She refused to talk about the family business that supposedly helps gays pray away the gay.  “My husband isn’t running for President, I am, so I won’t answer that,” she said.  Although she did make a couple of references to she and her husband making the decision together for “us” to run for President.

Sorry — I didn’t mean to write something to induce nightmares.

When asked whether Speaker of the House John Boehner should resign if he can’t get a GOP-approved debt ceiling package passed, she didn’t comment other than to say, “I’m not running for Speaker of House.”  When asked how she felt about corporate campaign spending, she was right in there with her First Amendment argument that we should all be able to give however much we can, regardless of whether it’s a person or a corporation.

And, of course, when asked about how she combines her faith with her politics, she said if she is elected President, she will ask the Lord for His guidance every day about how to run the country and will pray every day for each and every American.

Mr. PunditMom had a headache when we left.  My stomach hurt, but I think maybe it was just the sauce they served on the fish.

Bachmann didn’t say anything that surprised me.  But I did come away with one unanswered question.  Two of her daughters were at the speaker’s table with her.  One is in high school and one is in college.  They didn’t speak, but they certainly seemed like lovely girls.  As I sat there nibbling that Tea Party cookie (I couldn’t help myself — nervous habit), I wondered what they think of their mother’s political positions.  It must be a heady thing to be a child and have your mom running for President of the United States.  I guess they might have to ask Chelsea Clinton about that.  But what if they don’t agree with their mother’s positions?

Bachmann was raised in a Democratic family and she said that the only Republican she knew growing up was her grandmother.  You know how they say things skip a generation?  I think that would be some pretty interesting dinner table discussion if one them announced they were switching back to the original Bachmann family party affiliation.

As for my new close, personal relationship with Bachmann, maybe I can get her to pop over to our house and I’ll autograph a copy of my book for her!


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9 Responses to “Michele Bachmann and Me”

  1. Daisy Says:

    An autographed copy of your book – great idea! But do you think she’ll really read it?

  2. JCK (Motherscribe) Says:

    It’s an interesting thought – to think about what her daughters are thinking. It would be a weird position to be in, having your mom in such a spotlight, and you having to go along for the ride.

    My teeth ache just thinking about being in the same room with Michele Bachmann. Hope the cookies got you through.

  3. Julie Marsh Says:

    You are a better woman than I to even stomach such a lunch – and I used to be a Republican! The cookies even kind of resemble Bachmann – very white, lots of sugar, and a hard, polished veneer.

  4. PunditMom Says:

    Julie, Her suit was exactly the color of that frosting!

  5. Gloria Feldt Says:

    Bachmann is a walking headache for the country. I agree with you that it is important to go, hear, and then warn people about the implications of her political philosophy. I keep feeling like she is going to snap sometime because she is so tightly wound and wedded to rigid ideas.

    Would you say more about how the audience, which I assume was the typical Press Club crowd, reacted to her?

  6. PunditMom Says:

    Gloria, The press club lunches are always interesting crowds. If there is someone “noteable” speaking, credentialed press usually cover it and so don’t react as part of the audience. But the audience for this was mostly supporters of Bachmann and most of the tables had already been reserved by large groups supporting her, which I found interesting. Mr. PunditMom and I definitely felt like interlopers. I also noticed I was getting the evil eye from one young woman at your table as I was not applauding for Bachmann. ;)

  7. PunditMom Says:

    Also, there was a VERY large line ahead of time to get the VIP photo op with Bachmann. Mr.PunditMom thought he should do it and we could include it in our holiday card. :)

  8. Randi Says:

    The corporate personhood thing scares the crud out of me. I didn’t pay a ton of attention in school, but I could swear Bachmann’s beloved Constitution says something about for the people, by the people. I admire you for at least going and being civil, I ask not sure I could have done that. She makes my blood boil.

  9. PunditMom Says:

    Randi, It’s interesting how some play the Constitution card. You’re right about by the people for the people. It was Supreme Court case that granted “personhood” status to corporations — that’s what these so-called Constitution lovers rely on when it comes to campaign finance, because you wouldn’t want any “person’s” 1st Amendment rights trampled. :(

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