Sarah Palin in Your Pocket!

Sun, September 18, 2011

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You KNOW you want it!  Once Sarah Palin announces her 2012 Presidential candidacy, good luck trying to find one of these babies!

And while I was out shopping for this, I wandered into the dangerous territory of taking PunditGirl, who now has to change outfits three or four times before heading to school, to stock up on T-shirts and tops since she outgrew everything over the summer.  What used to be a relatively painless outing is now a browsing and fashion analysis extravaganza.   The full scoop on this mother/daughter outing is at my Babble Voices column, PunditMom’s Spin Cycle!


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8 Responses to “Sarah Palin in Your Pocket!”

  1. Michael Harris Says:

    While I could never spend money on anything with Palin’s name on it, I am dying to know what the sound bites are…

  2. The Obnoxious American Says:

    Could you possibly be any more dismissive of a fellow woman, a strong woman and role model? I mean seriously, is all your contribution to the “pundit sphere” a rehash of “journolist” talking points?

    I get you don’t agree with her politics (assume that means you do agree with Obama’s disastrous politics?), but all you’re doing is joining the chorus of haters who have taken the attacks on Palin beyond the pale. Not a single attack on her would have been made or even appropriate had Palin been a man. Yet you, a woman and a mother of a daughter of all things, just joins the 3 year pile on.

    Mind you, I really hope Palin doesn’t run for president – I think she’d be hurting herself as much as the country (not least of which by potentially making Obama’s re-election changes less remote). While she clearly was a good Governor of Alaska until the media and extreme left set their sights on her (she was polling very high before accepting the VP spot in 2008), I don’t think she is or will ever be ready to be president.

    But let’s be fair here, she’s not nearly as bad as the MSM and SNL has programmed the drones to believe. Her gaffes no worse than Obama or Bidens, her policies better, and her actual resume more impressive than the current resident in the WH and many of those that attack her.

    It amazes me to no end that women like you who pretend to be strong female role models, would be so willing to tear down another strong woman, merely because she might not share all of the same views as you. Sad really, but your attacks say a lot more about you then they inform us about Palin – you’re clearly not open to ideas other than those you’ve been indoctrinated in, and you’ve just accepted what you’ve been fed about Palin without really critically thinking about it. For me, this calls into question your bona-fides as a worthy pundit.

    The fact that our society, led by mindless drones such as yourself, has treated this woman in this way will eventually be recorded in history as a stain on the march of women’s equality. Nice job.

    Just as info, I’m assuming that one of your big issues with her is her position on abortion. I’m a republican and while I think abortion is wrong, I also think that it’s not the government’s business to decide for people what they can decide for themselves. I realize that when a girl is 14 and pregnant, it’s not always about the life of the baby but also the life of the young girl. But I’m also human enough to see the other side, and understand that some people are really upset that our society wontonly kills the unborn, who are actually alive (I’m sure you’ve seen a sonogram). If you ever took a moment out of your blinkered life to try and understand the other side of the issue as I have, you might understand that these people arrive at their positions, not merely to control the choices of women (who incidentally made the choice to have sex without taking precautions) and much more about the rights of that new life. The left has a point in this debate, but so does the right, and even Hillary Clinton recognized that. Sad you do not.

  3. PunditMom Says:

    @ “OTA” — As people who have read this blog for a long time know, I have defended Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann and others from MSM sexist treatment and coverage. I don’t think there is anything wrong with bringing up the subject of misinformed things that any politician says.

    Sarah Palin has no grasp of domestic or foreign policy and quit her job as Alaska Governor to make money and stop governing. Those are legitimate things to talk about.

  4. The Obnoxious American Says:

    “Pundit Mom – Where having an opinion never goes out of style”

    Unless that opinion conflicts with pundit mom’s blinkered world view. Then she will remove your opinion from her site so it doesn’t make her uncomfortable. Fraud.

  5. PunditMom Says:

    Political debate is always welcome here, regardless of one’s views. Comments that become rude or personally abusive will be deleted. That’s been the policy of this blog from day one.

  6. The Obnoxious American Says:

    Apologies, I came back and my post was missing but alas it is here now. So I take back my 11:18 post, must have been a glitch.

    However, I disagree with your contention that Palin has “no grasp” of domestic and foreign policy issues. No grasp? None whatsoever? That’s simply not supported by the facts. She ran a state after all, and she did a pretty good job of it. Looking at the results, I can easily say that Obama has no grasp of domestic or foreign issues, and his track record over the last 2.5 years more than backs up such a statement. But I won’t make it, because even I know it’s false. He has a grasp, it’s just one that I don’t agree with, and one that hasn’t been working over the course of his tenure as president (and not likely to anytime soon).

    You claim to defend Palin and Bachmann from “sexist” treatment by the MSM, yet you engage in the very same a paragraph later. Realize, that being a member of a so-called victim group doesn’t absolve you of being a victimizer of that group.

  7. The Obnoxious American Says:

    Palin on taxes and the economy:

    “We’re going to create jobs. Voters will have that very clear choice between the two tickets. To support a ticket, ours, that supports policies to reduce taxes, allow our small businesses to keep more of what they produce and earn, so they can hire more people,” said Palin “That’s how he’s going to get that shot at getting another job. Versus the other ticket that wants to take more money from our individuals and our small businesses and then redistribute that money, that wealth, according to a politician’s priorities.”

    JFK on taxes and the economy:

    “Lower rates of taxation will stimulate economic activity and so raise the levels of personal and corporate income as to yield within a few years an increased – not a reduced – flow of revenues to the federal government.”

    Yes, I know that the tax schemes in JFK’s day were different than today. But the root of what each are saying is the same, and they are both right, even in today’s tax environment (don’t believe me, just look at how the economy is doing nearly three years into Obama’s term).

    Palin may not have expressed herself as eloquently as Kennedy, but she certainly has a better grasp of this domestic issue than the far leftist view of the current president, who by his own measure, is more interested in so-called fairness than what will actually help the economy and produce jobs (just look at his latest proposals).

    Again, I’m no Palin supporter, I really hope she doesn’t throw her hat in the ring. But I’d vote for her in a second over the current president whose attempts to “fundamentally transform” this once great nation has resulted in the worst climate on virtually every front, domestic or otherwise, that I’ve seen in my entire life.

  8. The Obnoxious American Says:

    And BTW, it’s plainly obvious why she quit – once she dared to run against “the one,” the media and the leftists turned her into a political pinata, EVEN after she lost. They camped out next to her house to write a book, they filed frivolous lawsuit after lawsuit (yet she’s not ever been found guilty of any malfeasance), sent a dump of emails to the public to peruse. All after she lost to Obama – real classy.

    Her decision to step down from her post as govenor was noble and in the best interest of Alaska given the situation, and such behavior could serve as a good model for the current president to emulate given that his doing so would be in the best interest of the country.

    You continue to give life to falsehoods, and as such, you’re a partisan hack. I’m not being rude or abusive here, just observant.

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