The GOP Presidential Debate in Two Minutes

Fri, September 9, 2011

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In case you hit the sack early on Wednesday night, or just didn’t have the stomach to watch the Republican canned speech event debate, here’s a quick recap for your weekend cocktail party discussion pleasure:

Newt Gingrich — You kids get off my lawn!

Rick Perry — Texas: The Death Penalty State.  What’s It to Ya?

Michele Bachmann — Why aren’t they asking me any questions?  And did I mention I have 28 kids?

Howard Cain –If 10% is good enough for God, 9% is good enough for Uncle Sam.

Mitt Romney — How did I get here?

Ron Paul — There’s nothing in the Constitution about feeding kids.  If those first graders are hungry, they should get a job.

Jon Huntsman — I don’t understand why I’m losing to the one with the ’70s hair and and that George W. Bush wanna-be.

Rick Santorum –  Did someone say “Man Date?”

Brian Williams — Ronald Reagan is running again?

Sarah Palin — Heh.  My evil plot is working.

America — We’re saving our votes for The X Factor.

Image via the Christian Science Monitor

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4 Responses to “The GOP Presidential Debate in Two Minutes”

  1. Shannon Drury Says:

    I would be rolling on the floor laughing at the summation of Ron Paul’s philosophy if it weren’t so damned TRUE!

  2. Michael Harris Says:

    Gingrich did come across as a bit scornful of the media. As for Ron Paul, I wish we could get somebody, anybody, who would lessen the deficit.

  3. Michael Harris Says:

    John Stewart’s joke about Michele Bachmann was dead on:

    Backmann: “I’ve raised 23 kids and what kids need is…”

    Stewart: “Love?”

    Bachmann: “Jobs”.

    Huh? Young adults needs jobs, kids need care, support, and love.

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