Pizza: Capitol Hill’s Favorite Vegetable!

Thu, November 17, 2011

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I am so glad I don’t have to worry much anymore about how to get vegetables into my daughters diet — I just need to have her eat more pizza and fries at school!

Well, at least that’s what some Republicans on Capitol Hill would like us to believe.  Trust me — I’m all for some tasty pizza or fries (the second new vegetable!)  when the mood strikes.  But in our age of childhood obesity that’s reaching epidemic levels, why is Congress fighting against proposed new guidelines that would get more fresh fruits and vegetables into school lunches, especially for kids who rely on those lunches as their one “decent” meal in the day?

That’s what has me a little riled up at this week’s PunditMom’s Spin Cycle at Babble Voices.  Come over and tell me what you think!

Where is Jamie Oliver when you need him?


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One Response to “Pizza: Capitol Hill’s Favorite Vegetable!”

  1. Alex Says:

    Campaign contributions need to be capped or stopped altogether. How can we as individuals compete with corporations or industries that pay politicians millions of dollars? (In this particular case the Food Industry) We don’t stand a chance when these campaign contributions can make or destroy a political career.

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