Where in the World? 4/29/12 Edition

Things are hopping in this election year, so I’m not always writing here as much as I’d like to. But I’ve still got my pundit hat on.  Some other places I was hanging out this week?

I was over at POLITICO’s Arena with my political strategist hat on talking about the imminent end of New Gingrich’s campaign.

I was doing my thing as 2012 Election Editor/Correspondent at iVillage iVote wondering how “Millenials” will impact this year’s presidential election, thinking about who’s going to be the First Lady in 2013, and wondering how long HBO’s new show “Veep” will last.

Thinking about power moms at my weekly Babble Voices column.

And PunditMom got a nice (and unsolicited!) shout-0ut from PRNewswire.

I’m also busy at work on the proposal for my next book idea and looking for an agent, as I try to keep up with my sixth-grader’s social schedule (play rehearsal, soccer, violin practice, being a tween, etc!).

AAAnnnnd! Planning a book tour for Mothers of Intention! While it didn’t just come out, there’s so much attention on women voters at the moment, now is a good time to think about picking up a copy, especially for your own mom!

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4 Responses to “Where in the World? 4/29/12 Edition”

  1. Corey Feldman Says:

    Hopefully you will do a local singing as well. Haven’t seen you since that thing at Jodi’s house a couple years ago.

  2. PunditMom Says:

    Maybe a little soft shoe? ;)

  3. Corey Feldman Says:

    Ha! I can’t tell you how often I interchange singing and signing. All part of the Dyslexia I guess. I can’t tell you how many employment contracts I write that I have to triple check that I didn’t write singing by mistake.

  4. Shelley Says:

    Veep is no West Wing.

    Congrats on the shout-out!

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