Bush = Nixon?

Wed, May 16, 2007


I know many of us have short institutional memories, especially when it comes to the world of politics, or maybe, more accurately, politicians.

But can you say
Saturday Night Massacre?

you can’t get one official to do what you want, keep looking until you find someone who is sycophantic enough who will, regardless of whether it’s lawful.

It is troubling on so many levels that President Bush would send his minions, including Alberto Gonzalez, to try to convince an extremely ill and hospitalized Attorney General John Ashcroft to override the rest of the Justice Deaprtment when it came to try to illegally eavesdropping on Americans in the purported name of preventing terrorism.

At what point does the administration’s attempt to rewrite the laws and the Constitution in its own image get us, as voters, riled up enough so we say, “Never again.”

I might say we need the “I” word, but then that would mean Dick Cheney would be sitting in the Oval Office, and that’s just too scary a prospect to consider.

But this is what I am asking, and hoping, that more people will do — in 2008, when you’re trying to figure out who to case your vote for, ask yourself this question,” Is this a candidate who I believe will actually uphold our Constitution and our laws and not try to remake it?”

No matter what political party you belong to, no matter what candidate you favor, in light of our
Watergate-redux status, let’s examine all the candidates in light of their commitment to our laws — not what they want them to be, not how they think they can remake them in their own image, not how they can skirt them.

Because, thanks to the current administration, we’re already pretty far down that
slippery slope of losing the personal rights we take for granted.
And if we don’t consider all the presidential-wannabes in light of how quickly they would be willing to suspend our personal freedoms, we’re doomed to more of the same.

And who knows which right will be the next to go?
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6 Responses to “Bush = Nixon?”

  1. impromptublogger Says:

    Actually my opinion of Ashcroft just went up a little considering I’ve always thought him a true John-Bircher almost neo-Nazi type. It is despicable that Bush sent his lackeys to try and convince him to do the wiretapping.

  2. sunchaser Says:

    Have you seen Tom Tomorrow’s take your tagline?:


  3. mayberry Says:

    I’ve been stunned by this story, if only because I never imagined a world in which John Ashcroft was the one trying to put the brakes on a despicable Bush/Rove scheme.

  4. Mamacita Says:

    This was absolutely chilling. If you heard the testimony, I think you’ll agree it had even more impact. Why can’t we get Gonzalez (at least) out?Even Senate Repubs (Arlen Specter) for one, want him out.

  5. Kelly Says:

    “At what point does the administration’s attempt to rewrite the laws and the Constitution in its own image get us, as voters, riled up enough so we say, “Never again.””

    I think voters would actually have to pay attention to what is happening for that to happen. Of course where I live, they’d have to get their heads out of the other “constitution” that they’re so obsessed with. I don’t think that will be happening any time too soon.

  6. Gunfighter Says:

    Well, PM… SOME people in this country don’t give a damn for the bill of rights, as long as nobody tells them they can’t own mchineguns… which, of course, they only use to hunt.

    Let’s see: 1st amendment… severly limited these days.

    Oh, my favorite, the fourth amendment… seriously on the endangered list.


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