Lucky Mommy

Sun, May 13, 2007


When we were in Changsha six-and-a-half years ago, our family did not blend in with others on those Chinese streets. We, along with the other couples who had traveled with us, were just a handful of Caucasian couples with Chinese babies, so lots of people approached us, curious to see our new daughters.

Many people came up to us on the streets, in the stores and in the restaurants to tell us, as our interpreter translated, “Lucky baby! Lucky baby!”

It was no secret that there was a large orphanage in that city of millions, as well as others in the outlying areas. It was no secret why we were there — to adopt our babies and create our families. Our interpreter explained to us that even though the Chinese government often would send mixed signals about letting foreigners adopt their Chinese girls, that the people who came up to us not only wanted to wish us well and were happy that our girls would have loving homes, but that they wanted something, too — to take some luck from the babies.

“They believe that touching babies is good luck,” he explained.

And touch they did, cooing about the beauty of our new daughters, commenting on whether we had dressed them appropriately for the weather and asking their Chinese names.

In the greater scheme of things, I know PunditGirl is a ‘lucky baby.’ I don’t like to think about what her life would have been if she ended up growing up in the “baby home,” as we call it. And obviously, we’ve been able to provide things, even little things, for her she never would have known in her life there — ice cream from the neighborhood Good Humor man, trips to the beach and the ice skating rink, shelves of books and toys, a room of her own.

But often, when I watch her running across the playground with abandon or squealing when her dad tickles her or when we are just snuggling on the couch together, I don’t think she is the lucky one.

Lucky Mommy, I think to myself. Lucky Mommy.
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11 Responses to “Lucky Mommy”

  1. Amanda Says:

    Feeling like a lucky mommy over here to have such a beautiful, intimate window through which to take little peeks into the life of another mom. Lucky indeed.

  2. cooper Says:

    Such a beautiful post! Happy Mother’s Day!

  3. impromptublogger Says:

    Happy Mother’s Day from one Lucky Mommy to another!

  4. Lawyer Mama Says:

    The Chinese are right. Babies are lucky. Look what they’ve given us!

    Happy Mother’s Day!

  5. Sunshine Says:

    Happy Mother’s Day! You are both lucky to have each other!

    Have to share:
    A friend of mine who lives a block over from us adopted a daughter from China and two sons from Korea. When their daughter was 4, she and my younger son were in preschool together and she was over for his birthday party. Hubby couldn’t get enough of her, she is quite adorable. He asked her name, and in quite a grown up way she said, “My name is Kiana. I’m live in Carroll, but I’m originally from China.” We thought that was such a cute answer!

  6. Kristi Says:

    Beautiful. Very well done.

    Lucky family.

  7. Shannon Says:

    What a great post. Happy Mother’s Day.

  8. Mama Zen Says:

    What a gorgeous child! Lucky mommy, indeed!

  9. Mrs. Chicky Says:

    You’re all so very lucky!

    I hope you had a wonderful Mother’s Day yesterday.

  10. Mamma Says:

    It is amazing what our children bring us isn’t it?

    So glad you have each other!!

  11. bubandpie Says:

    This is lovely.

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