An Open Letter From the Candidates (as Imagined by PunditMom)

Tue, July 31, 2007

Democrats, Republicans

Dear “Mommybloggers,”

We are so sorry that we couldn’t be at your cute, little ladies’ soiree in Chicago last week. You know how hard it can be to fly into O’Hare in the summer time — it can really throw the campaign off schedule with those thunderstorm delays.

We want your votes next November, we really do. But right now, there are just so many demands on our time from those farmers in Iowa and the seven people who vote first in New Hampshire, that we really couldn’t squeeze in a few minutes for over 800 women with blogs that reach tens of thousands of other women voters.

Yes, we admit that a lot of us are attending the YearlyKos blogger convention this week, but hey, they’re hosting a real debate for the Democrats! And they’re going to have 1,000 bloggers, not just 800 and change. So that really is a different story.

Oh, and, well, we realize the YearlyKos is meeting in Chicago just like yours was, but when we checked our travel schedules, we saw we had to make a stop there this week to visit our grandmas anyway. So hey, what’s a few more minutes here or there.

We sure hope that you ladies will find it in your hearts to support us, because we really do think you’re swell. Please don’t take it personally that we couldn’t be there with you or that only Edwards and Clinton could be bothered to send a representative at all. After all, we know we can count on you anyway, and we want to spend our time with the “serious” political bloggers.

So you all run along now and have a nice time basting that Butterball Turkey you won at BlogHer while your kids are eating those Jello snacks they were giving away. You just leave the complicated business of selecting the next leader of the free world to the professionals.

Sincerely yours,

The Democratic and Republican 2008 Presidential Candidates

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27 Responses to “An Open Letter From the Candidates (as Imagined by PunditMom)”

  1. laurie Says:


  2. Julie Pippert Says:

    Dear PunditMom, not only are you fab in photos, but YOU ROCK.

    Dear Candidates, not only are you sexist pigs, but YOU SUCK!

    Sorry, eloquence fails me. I think I am strangled by annoyance.

  3. Julie Pippert Says:


    P.S. Sorry! I have been reminded several times recently that it is only polite to leave a signature and my blog link and I can’t seem to remember until it is too late LOL so sorry but here goes…

    Cheers! Julie
    Ravin’ Picture Maven

  4. Lawyer Mama Says:

    I love you, Joanne.

  5. karrie Says:

    I think I need to create a macro that plugs in “what Lawyer Mama said”to use for commenting here.


    It was so nice to meet you!

  6. Anali Says:

    Well done! And great picture! Sorry I didn’t get to meet you at the conference. Maybe next year? ; )

  7. David Says:

    Rock on, PunditMom! Candidates ignore moms at their own peril. They should be embarrassed for missing this one.

  8. Kelly Says:

    This is the type of thing that just makes me crazy! Where is the respect? But more importantly, where is the fear? They should be afraid to pretend like we’re not here. And until they’re afraid, they’ll continue to ignore us I guess.

  9. Erika, Plain Jane Mom Says:

    PunditMom, I think I love

  10. QT Says:

    Nicely said, and I am loving your pic in the previous post! It was good to meet you and learn what your blog is all about – sorry I’m so late to the game. :)

  11. PunditMom Says:

    You guys are all so kind! Thanks for all the love and encouragement. What do you say we crash YearlyKos next year?

  12. Becky Says:

    Tancredo didn’t show?

  13. mayberry Says:

    You tell ‘em, PunditMom! I loved this.

  14. mothergoosemouse Says:

    My addendum:

    “Plus, you know it really doesn’t make sense for any Republican candidates to attend BlogHer since there aren’t any Republicans in the room. And certainly NO Independents who might be persuaded to vote one way or the other.”

    I’m getting claustrophobic in my little box. Someone, please send a sledgehammer, stat!

  15. Stefania Says:

    You RULE. I, too, was shocked by the lack of media attention that BlogHer rec’d. And for the major candidates to not even “throw us a bone?” WhatEVER! I’m still undecided, but because Elizabeth Edwards had the balls (heh) to show up and answer questions, I’m a little less undecided today.

    And that potholder?! Please.

  16. Mom101 Says:

    This ROCKS Joanne.

    I’ve been wanting to write about this too. I don’t get it.

  17. SUEB0B Says:

    Preach it, sister.

    I think the Republicans were scared. Too many SMART women who have strong opinions and ask questions.

  18. Ruth Dynamite Says:

    I think I love you for this.

  19. Blog Antagonist Says:

    I didn’t go, but I could totally get behind your sentiments. Women, and especially stay at home Moms are dismissed far too often. If only they would learn to harness the power of the unfulfilled woman!! (that’s me, speaking, not projecting onto anyone else).

    Great post.

  20. aimee / greeblemonkey Says:

    Came over from Mayberry… and although I did not go to BlogHer, I am shocked to hear about the lack of interest!

  21. Karen Says:

    thank you, thank you, thank you, I needed that written…thank you!

  22. Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah Says:

    I don’t know how I missed this one (well, I do. I am way behind on my blog reading) but I wrote something about this today (way after your awesomness) but you said it much better.

  23. ckirby50 Says:

    How did the candidates respond when the BlogHer folks asked them to come?

    And some SMART women are even Republican!

  24. dana Says:

    You HIT the nail on the head with this one!

  25. Genie Says:

    I’m curious, as a fellow BlogHer attendee, about how many politicos were actually invited. I totally agree — there should have been a better presence, and if I were on a campaign team, I would have pointed out the level of influence that the women in the BlogHer community have. But then again, I gave up campaigning awhile ago…

    I mean really, I would have at least approached BlogHer, if I couldn’t provide the candidate themselves, about opportunities for setting up a booth in the exhibit area. But again, I’m not a campaigner. Just a voter. A voter who blogs. And reads blogs other than The Daily Kos and The Huffington Post. And who notices who doesn’t show up where she shows up.

    That’s all I have to say about that.

  26. Cynthia Samuels Says:

    Isn’t it amazing that after all these years we still go through this? Your post was far more tolerant and civil than mine would have been. There’s a reason you make your living as a writer (and pundit of course.) Way to go.

  27. lildb Says:

    hilarious. and spot-on.

    and it was AWESOME! meeting you.

    um, and p.s. — you’re a total hottie. brains + beauty.

    next time warn people before you make us (uh, me) all nervous and whatnot when we finally encounter your gorgeousness.

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