Elizabeth Edwards for President

Wed, August 1, 2007

Moms & Politics

If you want straight answers to straight questions, then Elizabeth Edwards is your gal.

After hearing her speak at last week’s BlogHer conference, I know if she was the one running for president, she would be getting my vote — hands down.

Not only is she exquisitely tuned in to the issues many of us think are the most important ones, she knows something else that seems to elude most office seekers — if you want support from women, you need to make connections.

Not just the ‘let-me-shake-your-hand-and-plead-for-your-vote’ kind of relationship. Don’t just talk at us with the catch phrases and soundbites that you think will garner our support. We’re about way more than that, in case you hadn’t noticed.

Elizabeth Edwards knows from her own personal experience what it means to reach out to people for help in coping when things don’t go as hoped or planned in life — connections that are real and personal.

And once you’ve made the connections, a candidate who wants our vote needs to be someone who can lead on the issues we care about – not just tell us how they feel or why things might be hard to accomplish. I had the sense that, given the chance, she could be that kind of leader as a politician — someone who would stand up and have the courage to say what she believes is right and important without regard to polls or strategists.

I marvelled at Edwards’ passion and outspokenness, hitting all the rights notes with the BlogHer women as she effortlessly talked her way through all the issues we’re focused on these days — the war in Iraq, health care policy, elder care, truly balanced and in-depth news coverage, caring for the poor, and realizing the power that we, as women, have if we use our voices, and our blogs, to keep the discussions going about what is important to us.

Edwards, who has her own blog, when asked if more presidential spouses should be blogging, responded:

“It is the ultimate way to communicate with voters.”

So why haven’t the other campaigns picked up on that yet?

I’m inspired by Elizabeth Edwards. Maybe John should consider her on the VP short list?

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7 Responses to “Elizabeth Edwards for President”

  1. Adorable Girlfriend Says:


    Though we did not get to meet at Blogher over the weekend, I would agree with you that Elizabeth was great. What struck me most was when the woman of faith asked her about her views. It was very brave and very powerful to hear her say that she is not going to ask anyone to cure her cancer. That was a remarkable statement to me and really spoke volumes.

    I left with that and many other comments feeling like Ms. Edwards knows where it is at. Something I feel so many others don’t.

    I look forward to reading your blog more often.


  2. Erika, Plain Jane Mom Says:

    I enjoyed hearing her speak too. My only question is why is she out doing this? Hearing her had no effect on whether or not I will vote for her husband.

  3. Lawyer Mama Says:

    I think her answer about religion most struck a chord with me too. Not everyone agrees that she was open and honest in her answers, but – having heard a lot of politicians speak and take questions (as I’m sure you have too, PM) – I thought she was refreshingly open.

    I know she does this because her husband is running for public office. And, yes, many people won’t vote for her husband just because they like her, but some will. As a first lady, she will have a lot of power to drive policy and to set an agenda of her own. But – I also get the sense that she truly enjoys engaging and meeting new people.

  4. Julie Pippert Says:

    I’m sorry I missed it. It’s interesting reading the different takes on her presentation. Intriguing that the other candidates haven’t gotten on the blog bandwagon. That demonstrates an opportunity (a) for a writer in a very cool job—speaking from experience, it can be fun to write for candidates and (b) a potential real edge in the election.

    Oh I saw a bumper sticker that made me LOL but ummm probably not appropriate to post. Rats.

    Ravin’ Picture Maven

  5. jen Says:

    wouldn’t that be something? she’s is awesome.

    and sister, i so agree about that glass of wine.

  6. Ruth Dynamite Says:

    If I have one regret about the conference, it’s that I missed her speech. Thank you for confirming what I already suspected about this amazing woman. And yes – her accessibility and openness do make me think twice about the man who married her.

  7. KittyTime Says:

    Hey Pundit Mom -
    I enjoyed reading this post – maybe because I agree you completely. And because I blogged on something very similar earlier in July after reading an interview with Elizabeth Edwards in Salon. I think Michelle Obama ought to be her VP:


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