I Would Have Sworn There Were Some Democrats in my Neighborhood

Wed, May 28, 2008


Looking for a free end of summer vacation? How does Minneapolis sound?

I know, it’s not the golden late-summer beach days you were dreaming of, but I think they have some lakes there. And, for better or worse, there will be lot of Republicans to hang out with.

If you think spending several days in the Minneapolis-St. Paul XCEL Energy Center sounds like a great summer wrap-up, you’re in luck! The Great American Neighbor contest is underway for the GOP and they’re looking for some special, special Republicans. You could actually win a free trip to the GOP National Convention — SCORE!

All you have to do, aside from learning the secret handshake, is submit a short video profiling:

… an American Neighbor who epitomizes selflessness in service to a cause greater than their own self-interest. This could be an active member of the military or veteran; a first-responder, nurse, or doctor; a pastor or rabbi; a teacher or classmate; a family member or co-worker; anyone who is making a difference in their community and has a story waiting to be told.

‘Cause I guess that only Republicans epitomize selflessness. No Democrats in the military I suppose. And who knew that all teachers, nurses and doctors were Republicans? I would have guessed that there were some professionals in the blue states, but I must be mistaken.

So if you’re still in the planning stages for that yearly getaway, you’ve got a few weeks to submit a video to the RNC. And then you really might be John McCain’s “friend.”

PunditMom will now return to her previously scheduled sarcasm free programming.

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8 Responses to “I Would Have Sworn There Were Some Democrats in my Neighborhood”

  1. Amy in Ohio Says:

    Man, a free get-away would be nice, but I think Satan is offering a better package deal – free continental breakfast and all.

  2. anniegirl1138 Says:

    I don’t suppose Independents would be considered? We are a desirable demographic after all and apparently our vote is for the wooing.

  3. impromptublogger Says:

    Don’t think they’d want to meet my rabbi – he’s a flaming left-wing pro-labor liberal!

  4. Meagan Says:

    I’m a little confused–if the prize is a trip to the RNC, doesn’t it make sense that they’re targeting Republicans?

  5. Redsy Says:

    Makes sense they have to have a contest to find a friend.. isn’t that like hiring someone to be your lover?


  6. Daisy Says:

    Sarcasm free programming? No, say it isn’t so! I enjoy your “attitude!” Now, where did I put my flag pin?

  7. Minnesota Matron Says:

    As someone who lives about one mile from where the Republican convention will be held, I join others in my fair city who wonder how the conflation of Minneapolis and St. Paul can be so seamless and unproblematic? The convention is not in Mpls and neither are its activities. It’s St. Paul, the ‘poor sister’ city. But I know the ads and information make it sound like a joint deal. Guess who’s planning and paying for it?

  8. Raising DC Says:

    LOL @ Amy, seriously, I’d rather lose all my luggage, get mugged, and sleep in a youth hostel with a toddler.

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