Mothers of Intention — What Does Memorial Day Mean, by Becky, Deep Muck, Big Rake

Welcome to this week’s edition of Mothers of Intention! Today, my special guest is Becky from Deep Muck, Big Rake. She’s a rabblerouser and you know that’s just the kind of gal I like to hang out with! Plus, I have a special place in me heart for anyone who brings me a gift all the way from Florida with pink flamingos on it! Her theme — Memorial Day. Yes, the holiday is past, but we should still be thinking of and honoring those who serve our country. Thanks for this great post, today, Becky!

This flag flew over Fallujah on my birthday. Words can’t express what it means to me. Even more impossible to put into words is my gratitude that the Marine who sent it to me came home alive.

On Memorial Day, I think of the people whose flags like these came draped over a coffin. Instead of shedding tears of surprise and happiness, they shed tears of grief and loss.

I think about Joanne’s words in introducing her Mothers of Intention feature, which she started in February 2008.

Every Wednesday between now and the November election, I’m inviting another blogger to share her thoughts and opinions about what makes her political, be it the politics of the presidential campaign or a passion for a cause.

Oddly enough, I don’t consider myself political. Yeah, I know. I write a lot about politics and politicians. Heck, I studied political science in college. But I’m not “active” in the political process.

  • I don’t campaign.
  • I don’t give money to political organizations or campaigns.
  • I don’t endorse political candidates.

Why? Because I reserve the right to criticize political candidates, politicians and the political process equally.

As a journalist, I observe a line between politics and me, and I don’t cross it. Some journalists do, and that works for them. What works for me, though, is keeping my toes on my side of the line.

Similarly, we observe a line between politics and Memorial Day — or at least we should. I’ve been asked by people from other countries, “What is Memorial Day?” My answer has always been simple: “It’s a day to honor our dead.”

I stand by the simplicity.

It’s not a day to debate war. It’s not a day to protest. It’s not a day to campaign.

It’s a day to honor those who died serving our country.

It’s that simple.

Read more about those who honor our dead on Memorial Day and every day.

Becky is a journalist and mother of three, a 5-year-old son and 4-year-old twin daughters. She blogs at Deep Muck Big Rake and You’ve Got Your Hands Full, a resource for families with multiples (twins, triplets and more).

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  1. anniegirl1138 Says:

    Honoring the dead. Yeah, it is that simple.

  2. Veronica Mitchell Says:

    Exactly. Thank you for putting it so simply.

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